Storytime: Titan down in Kinakka

So, another quiet sunday in Kinakka when I get messaged by the Head of PR for System lords Collective [S.C.K] who had a POCO a few jumps out which had been rfed by SCUM. Waffles have a long history with SCUM, we both live out of the only station in Kinakka when we are deployed there, and we rather like shooting at each other.

Anyways, it’s either 7 jumps through HiSec or 17 thgrough low and we have ~2 minutes before SCUM are supposedly going to drop some BlOps BS on it. I get a Waffle hero Michael Chausseur (whose heroism shall be explained later) to keep eyes on the POS and form up our Wolf fleet to go mess with SCUM as we can stay under their guns, apply scrams to stop them MJDing and the collective had already stated their intent to bring along some long ranged DPS. We get to 2j out, wait for the call to come in for a few minutes and we’re quickly in a fight we didn’t expect.

Instead of there being BlOps BS at zero on the POCO, there was a swarm of frigs on the SCK snipers 120 from us. We burn in and start taking them down, clearing all of them off the SCK gang, but just as we do ~8 Piwat CO [PIVOT.] T3s land on the POCO at zero. They’re plenty far from us so we finish SCUM off and blap a random Beam Apoc who had come in at range:

given that they had no logis, a single kill would be worth my entire fleet and the promise of extra DPS from the reshipped SCK we engage the T3 gang, only to have them drop an Archon on us. No worries, that was part of the expectation so I just pulled us out and spoke to my new friend in SCK on what we were going to do. PIVOT. had more Archons on standby and while SCK were confident in that fight, if SCUM sided with them their Alliance CEO was not willing to risk a full AHAC + Cap fleet.

We start to head home, but as we arrive in Kinakka we see a SCUM BS fleet warping off to their POS, which they summarily drop on the PIVOT. Fleet. We race back and start picking off what we can in what escalates to a small cap brawl involving a Nyx which kept warping in and out of the engagement. Here is the summation BR of all of the above:

SCUM win the field, but as they’re mopping up the last of PIVOT. the aforementioned Waffle hero noticed the SCUM Titan (owned by smidster), which had been used to bridge their BS in had drifted 3/4 out of their staging POS. The Quick Response Legion phone was dialled, HICs & Cynos were set up and god’s wrath was quickly applied to the Avatar, where it died so quickly even the Waffle fleet didn’t have time to jump in to get on the kill.

Apoth ♥

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