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ATXII post II – Oops

So I ended up getting invited to write about the AT for Crossing Zebras, so you can find my stuff on the AT there rather than here. I wrote a full write-up for the first weekend, but between travelling and actually being in Iceland I didn;t really have time to write much while there. There is another piece coming out ~soon~ on CZ regarding my experience with CCP, but that’s likely that last I’ll post about AT there as it’s already passed on to be the thing to talk about over the space water-cooler,


This is my goram blog and I’ll post whatever the hell I please. I might write about ATXII three months from now, I might do so tomorrow. I might write about something else or do a guide which seems to be the way to be popular, assuming I’m trying to karma whore (yes). If anyone actually reads this tiny corner of internet feel free to hit me up with ideas for something you’d like me to write about, I’ll probably either do it or have a conversation with you about it there and then.

Apoth ♥