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Null Sec Politics, CSM8 & other political shenanigans

With the continued run-up to CSM8 and my affiliation to Pandemic Legion through being part of SniggWaffe, their training corp, I have had a surprising amount of people ask my why I have not been giving it any coverage here. Now, as I will discuss further I have no intention to give opinion pieces or report very much at all on either of these subjects anytime soon(tm), yet that requires me to discuss it. So in a somewhat convoluted way, here is my discussion on the things I don’t want to dicuss and why I don’t want to discuss them.


Firstly, I am a EVE newbie. Despite having a character approaching 3 years old, I would only consider the beginning of my EVE career to be at the end of August last year. My game knowledge and appreciation of different aspects of the game is mediocre at best, as those of you who frequent this space will have no doubt realised by now. Any speculation I can make has to be based off of that which I have experience in, so I’m afraid blob warfare, POS mechanics and super capital balance are somewhat off the table. The very title and style of what I set out here is that of a student attempting to learn, and you wouldn’t have a first year teaching all the fifth years now would you?

“But Apoth, you’re part of PL now, you live in null sec and you did that interview thing with James Arget.”

Well, yes and no and no and yes again. SniggWaffe is not actually a member of the Pandemic Legion Alliance and us Waffles do not have access to most parts of the PL forum, we have our own section. It is widely regarded that the worst way to get a spy into PL is through Waffles, as we get told exceptionally little about what PL are up to. We largely learn about their endeavours the same way the rest of EVE does, through killboards and

That’s not to say we don’t interact at all, PLbros regularly hang out in our comms, fly in Waffle fleets and if they just got a cool kill somewhere they’ll link us the mail. More recently as PL have been running fleets in our neck of the woods, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to fly my interceptor with them, which explains the recent state of my lossboard. I may or may not get around to storytelling some other time, we shall have to see.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t actually live in null sec, though I’m about as close to living in null-sec as you can be without actually living in null-sec. I, along with the rest of Waffles, live in Assah, and with the notable exceptions of BNI living in Rahadalon and Eurogoons staging from Hasateem, this region of Low-Sec is not often travelled by roaming groups, meaning when we take a fleet out we have to go into Providence, Curse, Catch and the South in general. Therefore if I’m online and doing something, that something is probably in null-sec, yet despite the amount of time I spend there that will have almost no impact on my knowledge of null-sec politics. Sure, we may stumble across Proviblock fighting someone, but that’s about it. Again, I get all news on this from along with everyone else.

Okay, CSM8. I did the interview with James Arget because he’s a lovely fellow and is actively campaigning for his seat, for example it was his idea to do the interview in the first place, regardless of the fact that he had only just met me at the time I was getting maybe 15 hits a day. This tells me that he gives a damn about the seat and gives a damn about the community he represents and I like that very much. He is a genuinely passionate, nice bloke. One of my favourite quotes of all time come from the StarCraft commentator and grand-daddy of ESports, djWHEAT.


Thus if he is elected I hope he gets WHEATs wish to come true for him. Some of the candidates have been pointed out as just taking their places for granted as they have a bloc behind them, and whether or not that is the case I appreciate those who make the effort to reach out to the rest of us and at the very least least pretend to care about our votes and welfare. Beyond this, I lack the extended game presence or networking to make any commentary on the CSM process. If you want that there are much better blogs such as Jester’s Trek (link in the blogroll) and once again the news site

So no, unfortunately I will not likely be covering any of the topics (despite having just done so) as in its most basic sense I just don’t feel comfortable talking at any length about that which I have no experience with. It would make for poor, content-less posts, most of which would likely be factually incorrect and in general presumptuous and unenjoyable to read (and again, there are plenty of blogs that cater to that too :P).

Right, now that’s out of the way I’ve officially gone any amount of time at all doing EVE-related things which don’t involve shooting at someone or planning to shoot at someone. I find this unacceptable. Where’d I leave my Brutix…?

DickCats 101

So, some of you may have noticed a fleet doctrine I’ve been pushing down everyone’s throat. I’ve got the guys in my FC Course over at E-UNI doing and and I’m taking it out myself with Waffles fairly regularly for the past week. I won’t go over fight’s I’ve already covered, but I thought I’d go over the fits and discuss some of the cool things about how they work and what you can do with them.

Right. DickCats, as christened by Wafflebro Darko Fett. The fleet revolves around the magnificent ship that is the dual prop Thorax, expanding upon it’s strengths and mitigating its weaknesses. Overall, the fleet is a very versatile brawling setup which can take on sub-cap fleets of all sizes with great effectiveness, ans is flown best (in my experience) by small-medium sized gangs of 10-30 people. Having said that I am yet to fly this with 60 dudes so I can’t say for sure whether or not it would work.

NB: Those UNIbros who see this fleet may notice that there are a few subtle changes from the setup I gave you guys. There’s no real reason other than I like to fiddle.

The Thorax

[DickCat Thorax]

Damage Control II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Armor Explosive Hardener II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

10MN Afterburner II
Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II

Heavy Electron Blaster II
Hеavy Electrоn Blastеr II
Heavy Electron Blaster II
Heavy Electron Blaster II
Heavy Electron Blaster II

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump I
Medium Anti-Thermic Pump I

Hammerhead II x5

Where to begin on this sexy little ship? I guess the most poignant part of it is the dual prop. No, you can’t run both at the same time to counter the fact that you’ve got a great honking armour plate slowing you down, but it’s even better than that. Blaster range is short. REALLY short. The MWD allows to to get right up into the face of whatever you want to kill, then the scram/web keep you there to melt its face. The AB allows for some lovely sig tanking when you’re under fire, as well as keeping the transversal up. Unlike the Maller, the Thorax is naturally a very fast ship, so you can get some amazing speed in this thing even under a web.

As you can see, you can get a wonderful tank in both EHP and resists while still fitting a Mag stab for that crazy blaster DPS. As this is a Gallente ship, it has a significant drone bay to add to its power-base, here I went for a flight of hammers, though a fight of medium ECMs or two sets of each in light form are also viable.

The hull bonus and naturally good tracking of blasters means the application of DPS is excellent when you are in range, and also that you can use void much more commonly than when flying, say, a Vexor or a Moa for example.

The Support

The Exequror and the Celestis are my two preferred support ships, though Augorors are not inherently wrong. Additionally, I’ll gibe an honourable mention to having an Arbitrator with a similar fit to the Celestis even though I have yet to use it, but it does fit into the fleet very nicely and is a great bonus especially if you know if you’re facing any non-missile fleet. The extensive drone bay and multitude of options for the high slots for the Arbitrator give you a lot of cool options to tailor the fleet capability to your needs and/or preference.


Damage Control II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Explosive Plating II

10MN Afterburner II
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening Script
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening Script
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening Script
Phased Muon Sensor Disruptor I, Targeting Range Dampening Script

Imperial Navy Small EMP Smartbomb
Republic Fleet Small Proton Smartbomb
Republic Fleet Small Proton Smartbomb

Medium Inverted Signal Field Projector I
Medium Inverted Signal Field Projector I

Vespa EC-600 x5

The thing I love about armour Celestis over their cowardly shield brethren is that they have twice the damps, so before anything else they are already doing their job at least twice as well. You’ll note that I’m using faction smartbombs here, and if you’re a bit tight on ISK it’s entirely fine to use T1, as they are something like a fifth of the price. The advantage is the 50% range boost, which makes the killing of drones (which is the whole point of thee smartbombs) a lot easier. Run the EMP followed by the two Explosives to have the best chance of going through resist holes to get them in one cycle.

You’ll notice that I have ECM drones on both this and the Exequror below it, purely for the extra utility but grabbing more hammerheads and applying them to a drone bunny for more deeps is also an excellent use of the drone bay.

Despite how goddamn awesome they are, damps are only just becoming as popular as they should be, but even then they’re mostly seen in solo frigs (see skunkworks Loki-boosted tri-damp CNH in Dal) and in kiting fleets (see Exodus’ triple-boosted kiting cruiser fleet. It’s a bitch.). You can spread range ramps evenly across enemy logi to remove their ability to lock what they want if they’re at sufficient range, focus them to break cap chains and effective remove any snipers/ECM/whatever that want to affect the engagement you’re having at any kind of range. Not only that, if the opposing logi have too many friendlys to pre-lock, spreading sensor damps gives you an incredible amount of time to burn through your target before reps will land, especially against armour fleets as the reps land at the very end of the modules cycle.


Reactor Control Unit II
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Armor Explosive Hardener II

10MN Afterburner II
Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Navy Cap Booster 800
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I

Medium Remote Armor Repair System II
Medium Remote Armor Repair System II
Medium Remote Armor Repair System II

Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump I
Medium Anti-Thermic Pump I

Vespa EC-600 x5

Not too much to say about this, it’s a pretty standard AB Exeq. I would predict that in the future as damps get even more popular (and they should) one of the ECCM modules will be switched for a Sensor Booster.

So there you have my DickCat Doctrine. This is the first post of this style in t’ blog (read in a northern accent), so please do let me know what you think of it, be that “sounds cool, but not really interested”, “oh dear god stop it this is awful”, “oh my god this is better than sex, do nothing but this for the rest of time” or anything in-between.

Making friends 103

Curatores Veritatis Alliance

By nature of living next to Providence, Waffles interact with CVA a fair bit. For those who are unfamiliar, CVA hold a fair bit of Providence Sov with two systems of Catch and are a role-playing Alliance with and engagement policy of NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot). This essentially means that you’re either red or blue to them, and as you may have guessed already Waffles are most definitely on their red list.

Most recently, they’ve been bringing fleets into Assah to both bash and set up POSs, even reinforcing Waffles Logistics corp POSs (the audacity!). The first time they did so they brought a heavy Armour Battleship fleet to do the reinforcing, then when we formed up at the timer gave us some massive blue balls.

The next time it was their POS that was reinforced (I can’t remember by who), here is the brief AAR covering the events in teh adjacent system while we were busy blapping it with Tier 3s without any resistance from the Proviblock:

CVA did a CTA fоr this with 240 in flеet, we fоrmеd up early and let them get into G-5. We shot at the tower to try and provoke a response. After a while Goons formed up a Caraсal fleet in Nakah also.

Much to our delight‚ Gоons passеd right thrоugh Assah and into G-5 whеre they engaged CVA on the gate. CVA got owned and had to warp out. Muсh lolling was had in fleet and we killed the tower.”

For those of you who aren’t keeping up with nullitics (null-sec politics), Eurogoons have deployed to Nakah (the system between the Waffle HQ & Brave Newbies GQ) for fun and games in Providence.

The Proviblock were fielding AHACs, lots of zealots and such. Goons came in with AB Caracals and wiped the floor with them. After reshipping, they warped in once again and were demolished for a second time. Waffles attempted to apply some bombing runs (my first Covert Bridge!) but we lacked the numbers to burn all the way through their tank in each run.

Yesterday, they were at the Waffle tower once again in 6 Rokhs, two Scorpions, two Scimitars, a Vulture and a Naga or two. This was ten minutes before my dual-prop Thorax fleet (Thoraxes, Exequrors, Celestis. I love this fleet and will talk about it another time) was scheduled to go out, so there we a lot on corp contract and a bunch of people online. We had the tools for the job and so pre-loaded void and got a warp-in on their faces. They cowarded out, but not before we had scrams on a Rokh and a Scorpion.

Through badass timing, we landed on the G-5 gate as they were trying to go through it to go home, so we jumped through with them and caught what we could on the other side. Sadly we had not managed to have anyone reship into a Dictor in time, but we spread our scrams well enough to force a fight. Using the epic mobility of the Thorax, as well as its tracking bonus combined with Void ammo we ripped through them despite their reinforcements arriving the the form of a few more Rokhs, a Talwar and a Maelstrom, losing only one cruiser worth ~40mill while rounding up kills to ~1.7billion for the two engagements combined.

After the looting and the repairing of heated modules was done, we actually went on the planned roam though its results are not quite as hilarious as the above.

Feedback & Criticism

So I’ve been running this now for ~3 months, and I’m rather enjoying it. I’ve tried covering different parts of eve with different approaches, so I feel now is a good time to formally reach out for some feedback.

What posts did like/not like?
What do you like/not like overall?
Do you prefer official or friendly styles?
Do you have a favourite or least favourite subset of posts? The battle reports, advice (fitting, learning), commentary on current events, etc?
Did you like the interview with James Arget? Should I do more of them, who would you like to see interviewed?

Please comment on this post or send “Apothne” an in-game mail, I very much appreciate your input!

ALOD: The 1.6B Maller

It took me ages to work out what ALOD means, I was too embarrassed to ask my corp mates but always enjoyed seeing poorly fit and incredibly expensive losses on At last I found it represents “Awful Loss Of The Day”, and the time has come for me to post one of my own. This is also soon to be featured on TMC, so for more literate and intelligent coverage look there (I didn’t even get a response to my application to write for them).

Let’s start with the mails:


It was an amicable evening, hanging out with Waffles bros and taking our usual mismatch of spare T1 cruisers to play with the Brave Newbies. After playing around with them for a while a bad punt took us onto their station, where we found a solo Maller sat a bit to the side, but still well within the docking ring. The rest of their 50-man fleets was 500km above us so we managed a pro-bump to get him off station, in the hope that he was AFK. He was. Commence blappage with extreme prejudice and Gallastian (our FC at the time) made the call to shoot the wreck and bugger off before they used it to warp onto us.

“DON’T SHOOT IT LOOT IT!” came the cry from Theon, we all revelled in this glorious killmail and summarily fell apart laughing in comms. With the wreck looted we CAREFULLY convoyed out loot back to Assah for selling, though not before we offered him to buy it back (at a significant markup for not having to fly all the way to Jita to replace it). Sadly he did not take us up on our offer.

All 9 of us involved in the kill got a cool 80mill payout, and you can see here BNIs reaction to the killmail. The bold is a few Waffles new bio/signature.

Rat Raholan > I can’t stand t011phr33
Ice Brewer > You saw the mail‚ we need tо mustеr up, and fuck them up!
Xanthia Extremоphil > thеy MIGHT put it into reinforced then we will deal with it
Ice Brewer > EVERYONE – I’m flying 22 bloody jumps, we need ALL hands active and ready to fight NOW – Our offices, our home is under attack – Ѕtop whatever your doing‚ and LETS FUCK THEM UP
Xanthia Extremоphil > it would bе fun if they werent bitches and wоuld just start kiting us and killing all thе frigs that get too far off from us
Ice Brewer > Ѕeriously‚ we’re a pvp fleet, thats scared оf pvp – Don’t givе me that bullshit. We’re nоobs, wе want a fight, our offices are under attack.
Matt Dreido > Ice Brewer we aren’t going in to a losing fight….php?id=590043….php?id=590042
Allison Luinin > holy shit
Ice Brewer > Please say thats kick worthy…
ЅtarShipCaptain Bob > Ice Brewer We don’t kick for loses‚ thats fоr sеriоus businеss bads
Ice Brewer > Yeah, but theres losses, and theres losing 1.6bm and 800m in implants, to a enemy corp who will mock us forever
Rat Raholan > Ice Brewer Don’t worry, they’ll mock us no matter what we do.
ЅtarShipCaptain Bob > no fight guys‚ chill
Rasmir > is there a mining оp up ?
Vincеnt Fidessa > well
Vincent Fidessa > time tо load up my training quеue
Vinсent Fidessa > before i go into rehab

Let’s do a slot-by-slot analysis (something I really shouldn’t say to my hypothetical girlfriend….unless she plays EVE?).

For you EFT warriors out there:


A full rack of True Sansha Heavy Beam Lasers (for that long range ownage with the 5% tracking implant), of course fitted with T1 Crystals because then you have infinite ammo! Gotta save dat ISk ammirite? As far as I know not even wormhole bros use faction guns, they are one of the easiest ways to shout I HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY AND NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT in EVE.


So we have an Caldari Navy Adaptive Invuln, the Storyling Cap Battery and the True Sansha Cap recharger. Admittedly his fit is indeed cap stable at 68%, but somehow I think that may be besides the point.


To finish the inevitable dual tank, we have a deadspace adaptive hardener and repper, which will be damn useful given that his total EHP is just over 13k, and without any form of a prop mod it’s going to be hard to stay away from those nasty pirates. Then we have the faction overdive to make up for the lack of a prop mod (?) and two faction power diagnostics to (unecessarily) help with fittings, or maybe the cap amount/shield? Finally, a storyline warp core stabilizer for when the heat is just to much and you have to engage operative GTFO.


3 Medium CCCs, gotta have that cap stability man.

Inspired by this most glorius of killmails, Gallastian stuck up conversation with the fellow to find out how he paid for it, sadly not as many tears for forum porn as some of you may hope but worth the read none the less. I’ll note here that his character was ~3 months old at the time of the kill.

[ 2013.03.12 20:02:46 ] Gallastian Khanid > Hello good sir
[ 2013.03.12 20:02:51 ] Gallastian Khanid > would you like to buy your loot back?
[ 2013.03.12 20:02:52 ] Irego Calente > hey
[ 2013.03.12 20:03:03 ] Irego Calente > no thanks
[ 2013.03.12 20:03:25 ] Gallastian Khanid > Ok. You sure? It would be easier than buying it separately again.
[ 2013.03.12 20:03:37 ] Irego Calente > yeah
[ 2013.03.12 20:04:08 ] Gallastian Khanid > Ok. How did you get all that awesome stuff?
[ 2013.03.12 20:05:15 ] Irego Calente > bougth it sold some plex
[ 2013.03.12 20:05:45 ] Irego Calente > bye dude

So there we have it. Dude spends what, 4 PLEX, or ~£60 on a ship and pod then AFKs in it with regular pirates being active in local. My best wishes and deepest gratitude to him and his comrades for providing such entertainment for us over the past two weeks.

Apoth ♥

Brave Newbies & E-UNI: Exactly the same and totally different + ramble

NB: Halfway through righting this I turned on a completely different direction that I had planned. Ideally I should split this ramble into two posts that actually make sense, but this is my blog and I’m free to be as lazy as I wish. The latter part is something I feel very strongly about, and even though it may sound very condemning towards the groups I mention, I think they are fantastic and only write such things because I believe they have the potential to be so much more awesome than they already are.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ll have heard of the creation of Brave Newbies Incorporated, a corp founded on reddit, exploding with new members without very low experience and SP looking for fun PvP and making their own story in EVE. Their enthusiasm and abandon in getting fights has also meant they have received a large number of alt from certain null-sec blocks with far too many blues who just want to goddamn shoot at things.

I approve very much. I love this approach to the game and is one of the things I enjoyed most about about the UNI and continue to enjoy in Waffles.

Before I left the UNI BNI were still stationed in Hek, where they essentially got blapped to pieces whenever they undocked. Shortly after I joined Waffles they moved to Rahadalon, two jumps from our staging system which essentially means whenever there itsn’t a scheduled fleet out we’re in there relieving them of their ships. A rather amusing side effect f this is that Waffles has the 7th most kills this month in all of EVE, not bad for a corp with no more that ~30 guys online at any one time (total member count including alt and what have you is ~150).

As an added bonus, by engaging in the art of “Market PvP”, a few of us have made quite a lot of monet restocking their home station with cheap crap at a “profitable” margin. Personally I’ve made a few hundred mill thus far, which may not sound like much but they fly fully T1 everything, so market traffic is going to be very limited ISK wise. Regardless, one of our guys was screwing them so badly they thought it was an inside job and kicked their logistics guy, which was bloody hilarious from where we were sitting.

Unfortunately, some of their members were not so happy with affairs as they were, and though to everyone’s enjoyment the CEO decided not to remove the “Brave” part from their names and coward out, the following mail was sent to their corp by one of their members and the sentiment gained a lot of support:

Frоm: Rеd Follower
Ѕent: 2013.03.04 00:10
To: Brave Newbies Inc.‚

may i make a suggestiоn?
sincе we have mоvеd to our new home we have been farmed by sniggwaffe and сamped into our staition. if we were to move one jump over into Mendori we would deprive this corp from a multitude of kills thus making them move on. most of thier members have a -10 standing and cannot venture into any system above .4. if we are to be one jump over we as a corp or a fleet can easily jump into low sec for our roams. this would be safer for newer pilots and would allow us to seed the market without risking our ships trying to get to the station through a gate camp.


Thankfully they stayed, and now that they have all simultaneously skilled into T1 cruisers, the fighting has become (for me at least) a lot more interesting. I’m currently running what is essentially a mini-Talos;

Though sadly my non-perfect cap skills make my life a bit more difficult. Flying either solo or with some friends in other nano cruisers is a great laugh, lots of things to shoot at with my spare ships only 2 jumps away, with the minor annoyance that their are no repair services in Rahadalon. To their credit, BNI have been improving very rapidly, now using probing solutions to great effect and well as knowing when to get off field (most of the time). Overall, I think BNI are a great initiative but their regular members suffer the same problems as the E-UNI ones, Fweddit are the only similar corp who I’ve seen that don’t do this, and is makes me sad. I’m going to try to explain this as carefully as I can because it could very easily morph into something I don’t mean to say.

Having a bond between corp-mates, facing the opposition in good spirits is one of the best parts of EVE, but there can be a unnecessary level of butthurt and over-exaggeration in the difference SP makes. The directors and older members of both E-UNI and BNI get this, as do many of the grunt, but in the core of both there are many who take a friendly in-game rivalry and expound upon it in their heads to ridiculous levels. Sure, losing a fight, especially when you get truly whelped can be a little disappointing, but in more cases than people realise whether it’s Shadow Cartel, Waffles, or anyone else, we’re just guys playing a video game. We’re not “evil”, we aren’t fielding stupid amounts of ECM or ganking your miners and running away whenever a PvP ship undocks, we want fun fights.

Lower SP and experience is something to take into account, not an excuse to be made for losing. Instead of giving those as reasons and nursing a grudge, look at the engagement, look at the ships you brought, look at the way they were fit and take what you can from them. This attitude should be applied whenever you PvP, the first turns you into a bittervet and the second turns you into a better player who enjoys playing the game. The best examples are probably the current day CFC and HBC, and how BoB was taken down. Lots of new guys, but organised well into a great fighting force.

“But Apoth, you’re in the small group of highly skilled players and you don’t understand what it’s like to be in new corp with people who don’t know what they’re doing. You have so much more SP that the odds are insurmountable.”

Well, no. My character has 7 months of PvP skill points (I have ~25mill SP which sounds like a lot until you find out I have Exhumers 5 and stuff of the like). I spent 7 months on the other side of this table and still managed to bring that attitude 99% of the time. I’m one of the guys who FCed those noob fleets to their deaths and totted up the totals after. Now that’s I’ve had the benefit of both experiences, there is so much I have learned. I can promise you that though SP can make a lot of difference when the numbers are otherwise even, just by having a bunch of people more or outshipping or having more logi or EWAR, the balance of power can be drastically changed. These things are called force multipliers for a reason.

I’ll use a recent fight with E-UNI as an example. It wasn’t one of their shining moments and was definitely not the norm when I was still a member.

You’ll probably be surprised (unless your already cynical and old) to learn that is was a friendly fight. We gave the UNI a good bit of notice before rocking up, and then an extra 30 minutes because we’re just that nice, and this is how we were rewarded 😦 We were originally told that they only had 11 people on so couldn’t really face us, so even though we would likely all die we said to outship us by a class to make their odds nicer. Let’s see what they eventually brought:

– twice our numbers (as to be expected)
– As many BC or above as we had ships
– 50% more logi
– general massive overkill

I know a lot of those pilots back from my UNI days and many of them have more SP than half these Waffles. More logi OR greater numbers OR ship class would have been fine, but refusing to fight until it’s 100% win is kinda sad.

Anyways, it was a glorious fight and an awesome opportunity to fight completely against the odds and great FC practice for me besides. I may sound like I’m pretty butthurt above (which would be some beautiful hypocrisy) I went onto UNI comms after and had a laugh with the guys from the fight. GFs were exchanged from both sides etc etc etc. The reason I’m harping on about this is because it’s stuff exactly like this that gives you a reputation in EVE. The UNI used to be known for ECM blobbing, though after the second half of 2012 the guys we fought regularly (Shadow Cartel, fweddit, etc) were on great terms with us and more people were happy to engage E-UNI fleets because they new the fight would more likely be fun, rather than being permajammed. Popular bloggers and other members of the community wee talking about the vast level of improvement they had seen in the types of fleets being taken out and the skill with which the UNI were fielding them.

The old perception of the UNI is of ECM blobbing, risk-averseness and general bureaucracy. Since I started in the UNI last September it has come leaps and bounds towards much better (and far more fun) PvP training, even at a director level the rules and methods have been changing (and there’s some cool stuff that I know about on the horizon for you UNIbros as well). So, specifically to the UNI, BNI and everyone else who has a lot of newer SP members, retain that enthusiasm, keep a good attitude as you make the Universe a better place for it, you enjoy the game far more and the new player life-blood which pulses through EVEs veins is strengthened for the benefit of all.

Apoth ♥

NB2: I think this is maybe my first very opinionated piece, so I may or may not get a lot of people being very angry at me or thinking I’m very stupid. Firstly, I am quite stupid and am wrong a lot, but regardless I’ll do my best not to become a mini-Poetic. You’re all awesome!

Filthy Piracy: Welp EVERYTHING

Yep, despite being in Waffles for under a month I have already welped a few fleets for them.

Fleet 1: ARMOUR HAAACS Battlecruisers

I LOVE the new Brutix. I loved the old Brutix to be fair, but now it’s a badass armour brawling ship. Here’s my current iteration of fit for it:

Anyway, I scheduled a fleet for a bunch of these with Harbis, Celestis & Augorors. Due to circumstance, we didn’t get quite as many people as we wanted so ended up rolling out in just a few BCs with two Exeqs as our support. In what may be my shortest ever fleet from leave station -> welp, 4 jumps after carrier jumping our stuff into Iesa we took a fight (by necessity, I was +1ing in my Brutix and jumped into a gatecamp) with a whole bunch of cruisers. As I was immediately jammed, neuted, tracking disrupted, sensor damped my thought during this (short) fight was:

We died gloriously.

Fleet 2: Just go with the flow

We were supposed to have our second Artybals fleet (see previous post), but the FC had slept through his alarm. After 40 minutes we got bored enough to head out in a Shield Kitchen Sink and poke around until the next schedules fleet just over an hour away. We started by dumpstering a BCA gatecamp who did not have the good sense to warp off after local spiked, or their D-Scan filled up with incoming death.

After this we headed into Curse (because f*ck Providence), where we managed to snag a sweet little Cynabal and his Inner Zone Shipping Imicus buddy. I have to say, rolling with two competent Interceptors is one of the best things as FC. You know of and can point everything.

Later on our scout found 3 Drakes, which could not possibly be bait. He pointed one, they aggressed and we Leeroyed in. Cue bubble up and a nice big blob landing on us.

And thus my support of industrialists continues.

Apoth ♥