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Filthy Piracy: ‘Ceptor Adventures

Those of you who have read previous posts or are UNI/Waffle/PLbros will know of the legendary Gallastian Khanid; FC and frigate pilot extraordinaire. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to tag-team scout with him on two occasions, both of which have been highly eductional and mountains of fun. Combining this with some other great fleets that I’ve both taken part in and lead has meant the week has been jam-packed with explosiony goodness. Here are three examples:

Fleet 1: Remote repping Prophecies (AKA If you like it then you should have put a tank on it)

One of the FCs in Waffles is known for his somewhat barmy fleet concepts, the most recent of which was a 15-man gang of remote repping propecies, probably about 12 Prophs at most. We headed out into Curse where we happened on a 60-man TEST fleet, consisting primarily of Talos which would be very able to shred through our tank, but Waffles are made of sterner stuff that to run away from any fight at all ever.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for TEST. In something that shall not be remembered as one of their finest moments they cowarded out posting some really rather stupid things in local which I am in the process of re-finding to post here. Something to do with the Talos blap not being worth anything because of the resist bonus?

Anyway, we soldierd on into an even bigger fleet, ~60 people most of whom were in battleships. The FC had been looking to test the tank of these things and what better way to do that is to have 40 Battleships shooting at you point blank? The killboard shows the inevitibleness.

It would appear that they also encountered a ‘Nado fleet in the same system which screws up the killboards a bit, but as is the usual outcome in any fleet ever we all died in a fire.

Fleet 2: Artyballs

This is one of the fleets where I was tag teaming with Gallastian. He was providing close support to our fleet of (no links) 12 Arty Cynabals which could hit out to something like 90k while I scouted ahead for things to point and shoot at in my trusty Ares. After a whole lot of nothing we headed over to E02-IK which some of you may know as the system with the 200-man FAZOR Naga fleet in it 24/7. I can honestly say I have never had so much fun piloting my ship over all my time in EVE thus far.

They started with an Augoror/Maller gang with Damps, but after we picked off a few of ther pilots they got mad and docked up, undocking in a random assortment of far more expensive ships. When that didn’t work (after a good 20 minutes of chasing each other all around the system) they undocked their naga fleet and we sensed it was a good time to go home.

Lots of kills, no losses, incredible fleet.

Ignore the Prophecies, I think they were from a PL roam which had passed through at some point chronologically close to us.

Fleet 3: I accidently all the Nados

Just this morning a sniping gang was to be taken out, and I was the lucky Ceptor to be scouting for them. We were passing through some pretty empty systems. We hit a system with 26 people in it where long scan from the ingate was clear, so I reported both pieces of intel to the FC and make my way to the outgate 60AU away. Moments later the FC orders everyone to jump through, where they find temselves in a 20-man cruiser-frig gang with lots of scrams and webs.


By the looks of thing we were not the only prey they fell upon this morning. However, on the way back I saw a little armour cruiser gang in Sendaya, so I called if anyone was interested in some blappage (which is something of a redundant question in Waffles, but hey-ho) and turned around to follow them. They had 2 Exeqs, 3 Ruppies, 3 Thoraxs and an (interestingly fit) curse. Given their web range and the incredible speed I noticed on the Exeqs I could only assume they were Loki linked (not sure why in a small armour cruiser gang, but there you go).

After successfully killing an Exeq and a Curse, a mighty Waffle Talos who had arrived much sooner than everone else got scram/webbed by a Thorax and died, whereupon they all warped off and docked up as local spiked with kill-hungry Waffles. Can’t blame them really.

I should probably fly a ship that actually applies DPS at some point.


Apoth ♥

Filthy Piracy: My first Command of a Waffle fleet

I had been in Waffles for 8 days and was yet to take out a fleet, which for me is a very long time without taking out a fleet, so it was about time. Due to a misjudgment on my part of Logistics, we ended up with a pretty special fleet comp; 3 Exequrors, 2 Thorax, 1 (shield) Talos and a Celestis (me). Let’s ignore the fact I’m FCing from an EWAR ship.

And the fact that the Talos is of the wrong tank, and has a bad tank anyway.

And that we’ve got a very odd Logi/DD ratio.

So, we’re barreling towards Molden Heath and one of our guys is lagging behind. He finds a Megathron on a gate, man-modes up tackles it and calls us in. With much glee we all warped back and started piling on the deeps.

Lo’ and behold, the tarp was a tarp and we were joined by a Navy Dominix, a Tempest Fleet Issue, a vanilla Tempest, a Maelstrom and a Scimitar. So that’s 5 battleships, two of which are faction and a T2 Logistics boat vs six T1 Cruisers and Battlecruiser. Primaries were called, I threw my Damps on the Scimi and we prepared to gtfo as soon as the mega went pop.

Then we realised reps were holding.

Once they realised they were screwed they tried to de-agress and jump out. Despite overheating on the Navy Domi he jumped out halfway through structure, much to our displeasure. We went to the dearest station with repairs to deal with heat damage, which turned out to be their staging system. Having been embarrassingly dumpstered they were not kind to us in local, and undocked a station-gaming Maelstrom to show us that they had bigger penises than us, or something like that.

We undocked and all agressed the Maelstrom, leading to an inevitable undock of some very shiny ships. They should probably have taken a moment to notice that we had a PL bro in fleet. I lit a cyno and they had a very bad day.

Sadly, many of them managed to warp of before points were spread, but considering we has 3 point in the fleet 3 kills ain’t bad. After getting the capitals to safety we had to wait for my “cynolestis” to fill out the timer, whereupon they undocked two ‘Nados to try to blap me. Considering there were still 3 Exeqs and a 2 Archons on field, their plight was somewhat futile, and amusement turned to hilarity when Seiza pointed one of them and we shot him out of the sky.

I can now say that I have both given and received PL supers to the nether-regions, and it feels goooooood.

Fleet success!

Apoth ♥

Visiting Faculty Member: James Arget, CSM8 Candidate

I am very thankful for James for offering to do this interview for me. It happened as we were chatting with a few E-UNI oldbros after a Wormhole roundtable he was a part of, which I sadly could not attend the main portion of due to leading the DragonSlayer Op mentioned in an earlier post.

This was my first ever interview and let’s be honest that it shows quite badly through my fumbling at the beginning though thanks to James’ ever fantastic composure I think we hit something of a stride and I’m very please with the end result.

If anyone has a story to tell or would like to offer to be interviewed, please feel free to drop me an EVE-Mail/tweet as I had a fantastic time doing this.

Apoth ♥

Fitting 102

Differently to Fitting 101, here I’m just going to run through a bunch of fits I like to fly:

Fleet Ares

Okay, so Interceptors by common agreement need 3 things: A long point, a MSE and a MWD. Unsuprisingly this one has all of these. This fit was originally given to me by a fantastic Interceptor pilot Guillome Renard, with a nano instead of the Overdrive, though personally I prefer the overdrive as it’s just about agile enough and Gallente structure ftw. It’s actually possible (with very good fitting skills) to put a small rocket launcher in the spare high, though of course damage really doesn’t matter on an Inty apart from getting Drones off your tail. I have had SO much fun in this ship.

Shield Myrmidon

This is a fit completely stolen from Mariner6 who I believe is now in Agony. He was in E-UNI before my time but when people found out how much I liked the hull to begin with they pointed me in the direction of his killboard. With 850DPS (void, UNheated) and a 60k tank at perfect skills, this is one of my favourite ships for FCing and to be honest pretty much anything else where a shield battlecruiser would be useful.


This ship comes in two flavours, this is the MWD version:

This is the heavy tackle version for larger fleets, or if you just want a MWD for whatever reason. The other and original version was given to me by Theon Severasse and uses a 400 plate and an AB, making it a brawling beast for solo-y and super small gang stuff.

Apoth ♥


Fitting 101

So, one of the most frequent questions asked from new players is, “How do I fit X?” where X is some T1 hull. The completely correct and entirely useless answer more experienced players will give is “depends on what you want to do with it”. The following will provide an example not necessarily for how to fit to a specific role or the mechanics of fitting (see E-UNI Fitting 101), but how to approach designing a fit for a ship from the ground up, be it for doctrinal design, solo roaming or whatever.

So, the first thing we want to do when considering how to fit our ship is not actually which hull to use, but what do we want to do with our ship? Do we want to be fast tackle? Do we want to apply face-melting DPS? The first step is to choose what we want to achieve and make sure our ship can do that, then fit on extra things. Let’s do this by example. Let’s say I want an Armour Cruiser for DPS in a Armour brawling fleet which will have logistics support.

Now, what kind of ship will be good at this? We want something that can have enough buffer to survive the alpha of a fleet a cruiser gang is likely to engage, followed by as goods resistances as possible to help out our LogiBros. All the buffer in the world means nothing if (and excuse the maths here):

Incoming damage x (1-resists) > Rep amount

A lot of buffer means you’ll burn slowly, but more resists mean you may not have to burn at all.

A great ship for this purpose then is the Amarr Maller, it has a nice amount of fitting room and the following bonuses per level of Amarr Armour Cruiser trained:

5% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage
5% bonus to all Armor Resistances

Both bonuses are helping the two things we want from this ship, so we’re off to a good start. As we’re looking to have staying power with this fleet, we’ll prioritise tank > Damage > all the other things.

Now, let’s see what kind of tank we can get out of this thing:

Okay, a meta 4 1600mm plate and a single medium trimark pump rig for buffer, followed by a Damage Control (Never not fit a damage control unless you understand EXACTLY why you’re not doing so), two T2 Energised Adaptive Nano Membranes for resists, coupled with explosive and kinetic rigs bringing our resists to a minimum of 76% across the board, regardless of what damage type is hitting us.

We could indeed add more EANMs, though the diminishing returns mean that we gain very little, and those low slots can be put to much better use (as we’ll see in a moment). Always consider how many different module you have doing teh same thing, and how much stacking penalty is going to hurt you.

Next I like to fit my prop mod, because it can take up a lot of powergrid if you go for the MWD. The MWD vs Afterburner question is something for your Fleet Commander to answer. Afterburner obviously means you go slower, but you don’t have the signature bloom of the MWD making you harder to hit, and it leaves you more fitting room for more powerful guns. The MWD means you get to go faster and thus get into a range to apply your DPS more effectively. Let’s say that you don’t rteally know what you’ll be fighting, and you may be going to Null, so the MWD may be a better idea as it will give you more utility in dictating the range you fight at and help you fly out of those pesky bubbles!

Next, let’s sort out our DPS. Sadly due to our badass tank, we have to use the smaller medium lasers (because those are the guns our ship is bonused for, if your ship has a bonus to something it’s generally a good idea to take advantage of that when possible). Still, a rack of 5 T2 lasers is nothing to be sniffed at! Additionally, with our two spare lows we can add two heat sinks, giving us a nice DPS boost. Let’s take stock of where we are:

So, a lovely 340 DPS combined with our impressive tank means we’re well on the way to a great fit, though with very little CPU and two mid-slots left to fill this might get tricky. The other thing to notice is that our capacitor is only going to last two minutes, and we’re planning on a prolonged fight here.

To solve our capacitor issues, let’s fit a meta 4 small cap booster (because we just don’t have the room for a medium one, leaving us with one mid slot and 11.25 CPU left, and this is assuming we have perfect fitting skills (which we don’t).

If you have others taking care of your tackling needs, an ECCM module here finishes off the fit (ignoring drones, we’ll get there in a minute) quite nicely, but D’oh! not quite enough CPU left. Using a meta 4 DCU however covers this quite nicely, as it is ALMOST as good as the T2 (we drop only 1% in Armour resistances) and frees up a bunch of fitting room.

Ta-Dah! Add some Warrior/Hobgoblin IIs for a touch more DPS and you’re all set!

However, the more likely case is that DD need to (as usual) have a tackling module fitted to keep targets locked down when your cheap tackle dies/if you don’t have dedicated tackle. We don’t want our opponents just warping off when we smash their faces in now do we? Sadly even with out Meta’d DCU we don’t have the CPU to replace the ECCM with a scram, so rather than gimping any more modules, we’ll remove the trimark pump, add a CPU rig, go back to the T2 DCU and fir a T2 Scram as well. We still have plenty of buffer for alpha so we’re still on to a cracking fit. You can meta the scrambler if you don’t have sufficient fitting skills.

So there we have it! A custom Maller built from the ground up, briefly explaining each step in the decision tree that is fitting a ship. If you have any questions about fitting or would like me to go over anything in more detail in Fittting 102, please feel free to comment on this post and I’ll do my best to sort it out!

Apoth ♥

Filthy Piracy: Preliminary Findings

A quick aside; due to conflicting schedules I’m hoping to record the interview with James Arget a  week from now, and will upload it shortly afterwards.

Well, I’ve been a member of the infamous SniggWaffe for five days now, and my sec status has plummeted to -2.7 despite being mega-busy having to play in a concert at the last minute. I think it’s about time I consider a small subset of what I’ve learnt thus far.

– Hi Sec ganking is not for me.

I took part in my first “Mining Op”, i.e ganking the living daylights out of miners in High Sec using disposable thrashers . This went pretty much as I expected it to; wait for the warp-on, pre-overheat, warp, blap, get concorded, grab a new ship and wait for timers. Personally, I find no joy in griefing and while forum porn can be amusing, I prefer operations that take skill and have a challenging opponent.

– Theon Severasse, Haelur, Darko Fett & Gallastian Khanid are sick nerd ballers of epic proportion.

These guys are the main reason I left the UNI to join Snigg all things considered, and the limited time I’ve spent with them already has been fantastic. Both flying with them and chatting with them in comms has been both refreshing and educational.

– Shoot. Goddamn. EVERYTHING.

I love not being restricted by the E-UNIs Rules of Engagement I understand why they have it and why it is useful, but having nearly no blues and shooting everything that isn’t blue means a lot more fights (and in case any of you haven’t noticed yet, I rather enjoy PvP). I’ve just been grabbing random frigates and trolling around in Faction Warfare, picking fights with anyone there just to see how different ships can be flown and fight. Given my Gallente-based SP I’ve largely been flying Atrons and Fed Navy Comets, though I’m looking toe expand on that too.

I learnt a few things quite quickly flying around in Amarr/Minmatar, the Amamake triange is actually pretty pants. Heretic Nation and Skunkworks just want to blob you even if you’re in a cheap-ass frig. Almost everyone has links. Be careful of roaming Fweddit blobs/gatecamps.

And finally STORYTIME! (Yes, this is me once again polishing my thorax, get used to it).

So I was out happily flying in my Interceptor in the Great WIldlands with a friend in a Cynabal, where I come across an Armageddon caught in a bubble ~140km from a gate. Naturally my first thought as an interceptor pilot following Gallastian Khanids teachings is “tackle it, worry about killing it later”, so I get point whereupon I learn that he has a flight of warrior twos and at least one heavy neut fitted to his ship. With my cap drained I fly back out of neut range and get my speed back up before the warriors get me into armour (barely). At this point, my Cynabal friend lands on grid and takes out two of the five warriors but has to bug out due to incoming LAZORZ and an unhealthy D-Scan.

By this point I have called for reinforcements who were forming up from ~15j out to come kill this guy, while essentially threading the needle of staying in my 28km point range (Interceptor IV), out of the 25km Neut range and keeping away from those blasted warriors, which he has relaunched up to 5.

Fast forward about 15 minutes, largely by luck I’ve maintained point, though he’s now  only 20km from the gate but still agressing me (he hadn’t been burning for the gate from the get go) and reinforcements were 3 jumps out. As luck would have it, a Rapier and Falcon decloak 20km from me, and a Caracal and Phantasm join them shortly after with a rag-tag group of reinforcements.

So yeah, I’m pretty freaking dead, OR SO I THOUGHT! To my jubilation they all start pounding on the Armageddon, so I decide to stick around to watch the light show and hopefully whore on the pod (while maneuvering myself to the opposite side for a quick getaway). The ‘Geddon goes down and my band of helpers immediately turn their attention to the little ‘Ceptor that could, so after taking a volley from the Phantasm to the face I decide it’s finally time to bug out.

Lesson learned: always have XSplit ready to go.

Apoth ♥

Industrial Placement: Filthy Piracy

In about 50 minutes my roles timer will be up and I will be joining SniggWaffe, AKA “Waffles”. The current plan is to stay with them for a couple of months and grind out as much PvP as possible to actually become a passable pilot, followed by a return to the UNI or moving on to somewhere else. I have little to no interest in graduating to Pandemic Legion (SniggWaffe is their feeder corp), but I have a lot of ex-UNI friends in there who taught me a lot about the game and quite frankly I miss flying with them.

I spent a while choosing between Future Corp (A member of Social Sleeper Club) and Waffles, if I were to join future corp I would be filthy rich and do all kinds of exciting Wormhole PvP, but I feel that Snigg is a better fit as it is PvP all day every day.

The blog will be continuing, though there will probably be some small stylistic differences due to the nature of each organisation. Hopefully I will gain much more technical knowledge and be able to discuss engagements and abstract ideas on a deeper level, though that remains to be seen.

So, time to hang up the chalk and go deep flashy.


Apoth ♥

The great DragonSlayer of Egghelende

So, last Saturday was the culmination of a month of organising and advertising. I had decided that I wanted to take out my first UNI “DragonSlayer” fleet, which for those who don’t know is a fleet where the goal is to hunt and kill capital ships. It presents the opportunity for all of E-UNI to bring somewhat more expensive ships than on our usual roams, as well as giving out capital pilots a chance to dust of their Archons. In short, a massive show of force by as many UNI members as possible.

The first thing I learned from this roam is:

– Getting a 175 man fleet through a gate sucks ass.

Yes, we roamed for ~3.5 hours without seeing any action whatsoever. entirely understandable with a 175 man fleet consisting of well over 100 armour battleships, 20 dedicated logi and 10 neuting battleships including a Bhaalgorn which were supported by 7 cap Augorors (Think cap guardians but cheaper, marginally less tank but still provide the same cap).

Regardless, as we started to meander back to Aldrat, we were told that Fweddit were fighting someone at the sun in Egghelende in cruisers. Fweddit has extended me an invitation for a triage fight for quite a while and I had messaged one of their FCs that we’d be out and about so I decided to crash the party. Crash the party we did, resulting in 200 killmails for E-UNI.

You can see from the battle how the engagement went, by an large it was a turkey shoot while I did my best to keep everyone in range of the enem,y and in range of our reps. Until PL joined us via a Fweddit cyno, our reps held perfectly on those who actually broadcasted and stayed in range.

You may be wondering why we dropped any caps in the first place, as the inevitable inevitably inevitabilised when dropping caps anywhere ever and PL dropped 13 supers on us. Despite being the FC, I didn’t actually know that the first capital was gong to drop when he did. He had very kindly organised all our cap support for this fleet and was looking after their logistics. Given this was my fourth fleet to ever feature capitals, and my first roaming fleet of this size I was quite happy to let him do so.

A second cap pilot spend a good while whilst I was trying to FC the fight complaining about boredom (who wouldn’t after 4 hours of nothing, followed by a fight you aren’t joining in on?) and not getting any killmails, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and drop him in. The third cap pilot had joined us halfway through the roam, and to be completely honest in that moment I forgot we had him, so while the second cap pilot willing threw himself to the wolves, I do feel sorry for the third, as well as that sexy Navy Megathron being used as our primary cyno ship. I have boundless respect and admiration for Korr’Tanas and that’s not a cheap ship.

In case you couldn’t tell from the video, our backcyno had dced, meaning the 3 second window we had to jump our non-triaged capitals out could sadly not be seized. Yes, from now on I will be double and triple checking that my capital pilots have redundancy in their backcynos.

We got a fair bit of flak in the reddit post for either being incompetent for dropping capitals onto a cruiser fight, which would inevitably cause PL to drop us, or for being “butthurt” for losing caps. Redditor “SpaceMonkeyBalls” sums it up far better than I could:

“You dont seem to grasp the point here, most of the E-Uni losses can be put down as noob mistakes as can be expected by a bunch of noobs. The carrier was just there for comedy purpose as the 10 or so guardians/oneiros were holding rep fine. Besides the Carriers and cyno BS there were only 12 other losses worth mentioning. 2 BS and a few BCs. And success doesnt get measured by isk/loss ratio its more fun/loss and nobody here cares about loosing ships not even the carriers. What do you think we thought was going to happen after parking a carrier at Egg sun for 40 mins.

Also it seems that you have been successfully trolled by the vid”

Yes, we knew the Caps would likely get dropped by supers and were unnecessary, but it was bloody hilarious and everyone had massive fun. We weren’t fighting for sovereignty for a system, we were fighting because fighting is awesome, especially in a such a fleet as we fielded on that day. I have no hard feelings against anyone who was involved in that engagement, including PL, as PL did what PL always do, and expecting anything else would be insane.

On the way home we managed to find a suspect Orca in a belt. I have no idea what he was doing there or why, but I’d be willing to bet the meager sum of ISK I have in my wallet that he was not expecting to be blapped in the way he was.

The fleet took some rather beautiful pictures of the fight, so I’m going to finish this post by linking my favorites.

Apoth ♥