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ATXII Post 1 – I’m a Caster? Part 1

I’ve been meaning to finish writing this post for at least two months, but a few other related projects I’m working on & not having internet for the past week has slowed me down somewhat.

It’s that time of year again, the Alliance Tournament has rolled around and I am lucky enough to have been chosen to be one of the casters, along with Elise Randolph, Sir Squeebles & Baccharin. If you have spent any time in EVE, Elise will be a name you will have heard before, pretty much one of the few people universally loved by everyone. Squeebs runs a very popular and interactive stream that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months, and Baccharin is returning to the casting desk having done ATXI commentary,

To be honest this was not how I was expecting to spend my summer. In the grand scheme of things I am a young player, with only two years of the game under my best, despite having created my main in 2010. I saw the post on Reddit from CCP advertising for people to come commentate, and as that is something I enjoyed very much in my StartCraft 2 days & I loved experiencing the AT last year, I threw my name in the hat with a quick email to the listed address. After re-reading the post and realising I should have probably put a bit more thought into it I assumed I would not hear back from them and went about my usual weekly business.

After 2 weeks or so, I got an email from CCP saying that I had gotten through to the interview stage with 15 other potentials. It was at this point I decided I was going all-in, I started memorising every ship hull & bonus in the game I already did not know, memorised the beautiful chart from Azual’s “The Altruist” of recognising different turret and launcher types and generally started nerding out over stats and the like. Having been to FanFest recently I was fortunate enough to be in contact with older, better connected players such as Hedliner and Lazarus Telraven than myself who knew people who had done it before or knew people who had, who gave me a bunch of great advice. Elise Randolph (who did not mention he was applying) convoed me on IRC and gave me some advice, and thanks to crossing my fingers and believing really, really hard Shadoo emerged briefly from his Australian seclusion and replied to my forum mail with a ton of helpful pointers with regards to the interview.

When the interview came around, I dressed up in my suit waistcoat and a nice shirt/tie (as it was to be for a webcam) and nervously spent the 3 hours beforehand checking and rechecking my microphone and settings (thanks again to Wyddershin for something like an hour long skype call which calmed my nerves beautifully). When the call happened, it turned out there were a bunch of NDA Dev notes on the boards in the room they were using to interview us so their webcam consisted of a red blanket. Fozzie introduced the 6 or so CCP employees that were there and we got down to business as they were already running behind. They asked me a few basic questions about logistics and travel, then we got into what felt like a normal job interview. They asked me about my casting style, a few bits about experience I had listed in my email and what my favourite vegetable is (spinach). After that they got me to cast the HUN vs Godfathers match from last year with Fozzie, only something was wrong with our connection so I was casting from a one-frame-every-three-seconds screen-share over skype, which was interesting to say the least. I think it was Falcon that cut off the commentary after a few minutes (what felt like seconds) and we hastily said goodbye so they could get to their next interview. It was really fun and I thought it had gone well, but given my youth in-game and the fact that I’m a no-name in the EVE community I figured it would be a fun anecdote to tell friends how one time I got a interview to cast ATXII.

Then I got the email: “You’re coming to Iceland!”

I freaked out.

I was tutoring Physics at the time, which naturally meant I was checking emails on my tablet, and I squealed, making my tutee jump. After the session was over, I prepared to rageping IRC in excitedment when I glanced at my tablet which had the email up.




Fuck, that was close.

After a horrifically long group email session, it was decided to make a skype channel, which now houses the casters and a few CCP employees. Here’s the DL on a few of them: Rise and Fozzie: they’re massive trolls, and are hilarious fun to chat with. CCP Loxy (no longer of CCP) is a hero among men and Falcon is a handsome, saucy flirt. Elise is even smarter and more chill then you think he is.

I’ll probably write part 2 around the first weekend, but I have another post lined up before that, though that may end up on TMC instead (with whom I am engaged in multiple projects via my corpmate Hendrick Tallardar).

Apoth ♥

Honey, I’m home!

And thus with my exams completed, I can return to full time internet spaceships. Despite not really playing, quite a lot has happened since I took my leave. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, HBC is dead and the south-west is ablaze with action, hence why Waffles has been deployed to Delve with PL within 3 jumps of Goons, N3 and TEST.

I have very little bomber experience, and am hoping to learn how to effectively FC bomber/torping gangs while i’m out here. This is the first time I’ve lived out of null and been involved in superblob fights such as this:

Still, I haven’t had time for many fleets, though I’ve been continuing to contribute what I can to E-UNI in the spare hours. Last week I was one of the four guests to E-UNIs first “Guest FC Roundtable”, where official E-UNI guest FCs essentially do a Q&A. Now, you may be wondering why i find this noteworthy, but one of the other four guests was Shadoo.

Yes, Shadoo.



It’s Shadoo.

For any who are interested in taking a listen, you can find the recording here. It was a really good session and some great ideas were discussed. The other two Guest FCs were an old friend Captain Crashd Fourtwentee, an ex-Unista who now resides in RAZOR, and a Goon FC by the name of techwood who is a fantastically fun bloke.

Furthermore, this Saturday at 22:00 EVE time, a few ex-UNI (and more specifically ex-Low Sec Camp) Waffles and I will be holding another round table for E-UNI entitled “Life in Low Sec”, in which we’re hoping to answer questions about choosing the lifestyle of being a permaflashy in low/null sec space, as well as talking about PvP and assorted other topics.

Well, that’s about if for now, hopefully there will be a new post up in a few days talking about shooting at all the things in Delve and other explosiony loveliness. It’s good to be back.

Apoth ♥

No posts in April/May

Hello everyone,

I’m still working on the interview with Kelduum Revaan, but other than that due to my exams (2nd May to 21st May) there will likely be no posts until it’s all over, as these are exceptionally important. My apologies for inconsistency, but it is what it must be.

Apoth ♥

Feedback & Criticism

So I’ve been running this now for ~3 months, and I’m rather enjoying it. I’ve tried covering different parts of eve with different approaches, so I feel now is a good time to formally reach out for some feedback.

What posts did like/not like?
What do you like/not like overall?
Do you prefer official or friendly styles?
Do you have a favourite or least favourite subset of posts? The battle reports, advice (fitting, learning), commentary on current events, etc?
Did you like the interview with James Arget? Should I do more of them, who would you like to see interviewed?

Please comment on this post or send “Apothne” an in-game mail, I very much appreciate your input!

Industrial Placement: Filthy Piracy

In about 50 minutes my roles timer will be up and I will be joining SniggWaffe, AKA “Waffles”. The current plan is to stay with them for a couple of months and grind out as much PvP as possible to actually become a passable pilot, followed by a return to the UNI or moving on to somewhere else. I have little to no interest in graduating to Pandemic Legion (SniggWaffe is their feeder corp), but I have a lot of ex-UNI friends in there who taught me a lot about the game and quite frankly I miss flying with them.

I spent a while choosing between Future Corp (A member of Social Sleeper Club) and Waffles, if I were to join future corp I would be filthy rich and do all kinds of exciting Wormhole PvP, but I feel that Snigg is a better fit as it is PvP all day every day.

The blog will be continuing, though there will probably be some small stylistic differences due to the nature of each organisation. Hopefully I will gain much more technical knowledge and be able to discuss engagements and abstract ideas on a deeper level, though that remains to be seen.

So, time to hang up the chalk and go deep flashy.


Apoth ♥