Feedback & Criticism

So I’ve been running this now for ~3 months, and I’m rather enjoying it. I’ve tried covering different parts of eve with different approaches, so I feel now is a good time to formally reach out for some feedback.

What posts did like/not like?
What do you like/not like overall?
Do you prefer official or friendly styles?
Do you have a favourite or least favourite subset of posts? The battle reports, advice (fitting, learning), commentary on current events, etc?
Did you like the interview with James Arget? Should I do more of them, who would you like to see interviewed?

Please comment on this post or send “Apothne” an in-game mail, I very much appreciate your input!


1 thought on “Feedback & Criticism

  1. qoonpooka

    I like the posts that aren’t /just/ about a fight that happened or a roam you led. Those are occasionally fun to read, but they’re much more engaging for you than for someone with no common ground to it. When you contextualize those roams/battles, or use them as examples for a larger point you are making, it makes for a much more engaging read. (Which is not to say your writing isn’t engaging, mind, it is.)

    So more of those are nice. In generaly I enjoy that your blog is an everything bagel of ruminations. The only post I’ve been lukewarm on was the ALOD post. I get the appeal, but I think that if you can avoid making laughing at idiots your normal fare, your blog will stand out. 😉


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