Making friends 103

Curatores Veritatis Alliance

By nature of living next to Providence, Waffles interact with CVA a fair bit. For those who are unfamiliar, CVA hold a fair bit of Providence Sov with two systems of Catch and are a role-playing Alliance with and engagement policy of NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot). This essentially means that you’re either red or blue to them, and as you may have guessed already Waffles are most definitely on their red list.

Most recently, they’ve been bringing fleets into Assah to both bash and set up POSs, even reinforcing Waffles Logistics corp POSs (the audacity!). The first time they did so they brought a heavy Armour Battleship fleet to do the reinforcing, then when we formed up at the timer gave us some massive blue balls.

The next time it was their POS that was reinforced (I can’t remember by who), here is the brief AAR covering the events in teh adjacent system while we were busy blapping it with Tier 3s without any resistance from the Proviblock:

CVA did a CTA fоr this with 240 in flеet, we fоrmеd up early and let them get into G-5. We shot at the tower to try and provoke a response. After a while Goons formed up a Caraсal fleet in Nakah also.

Much to our delight‚ Gоons passеd right thrоugh Assah and into G-5 whеre they engaged CVA on the gate. CVA got owned and had to warp out. Muсh lolling was had in fleet and we killed the tower.”

For those of you who aren’t keeping up with nullitics (null-sec politics), Eurogoons have deployed to Nakah (the system between the Waffle HQ & Brave Newbies GQ) for fun and games in Providence.

The Proviblock were fielding AHACs, lots of zealots and such. Goons came in with AB Caracals and wiped the floor with them. After reshipping, they warped in once again and were demolished for a second time. Waffles attempted to apply some bombing runs (my first Covert Bridge!) but we lacked the numbers to burn all the way through their tank in each run.

Yesterday, they were at the Waffle tower once again in 6 Rokhs, two Scorpions, two Scimitars, a Vulture and a Naga or two. This was ten minutes before my dual-prop Thorax fleet (Thoraxes, Exequrors, Celestis. I love this fleet and will talk about it another time) was scheduled to go out, so there we a lot on corp contract and a bunch of people online. We had the tools for the job and so pre-loaded void and got a warp-in on their faces. They cowarded out, but not before we had scrams on a Rokh and a Scorpion.

Through badass timing, we landed on the G-5 gate as they were trying to go through it to go home, so we jumped through with them and caught what we could on the other side. Sadly we had not managed to have anyone reship into a Dictor in time, but we spread our scrams well enough to force a fight. Using the epic mobility of the Thorax, as well as its tracking bonus combined with Void ammo we ripped through them despite their reinforcements arriving the the form of a few more Rokhs, a Talwar and a Maelstrom, losing only one cruiser worth ~40mill while rounding up kills to ~1.7billion for the two engagements combined.

After the looting and the repairing of heated modules was done, we actually went on the planned roam though its results are not quite as hilarious as the above.


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