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Apothne 101

I am a rather uninteresting person, yet I feel compelled that my first post be somewhat explanatory as to who I am and the upcoming contents of this blog, even if only to stop myself veering off from the subject matter from time to time.

I play EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO. If you don’t know what that is, best procrastinate in some other corner of the internet, as this will be my focus and primary source of material. At the time of writing I my main is a two year old character with just over 20 million skill points, currently residing within the illustrious IVY League Corporation EVE University. If you play EVE and haven’t heard of EVE University, odds are you’re not paying much attention or were kidnapped by TEST upon inception and are yet to be released from Western Sov Null. More on that later.

In real life I am a trombone playing, singing, acting optimist currently working on a Masters Degree in Mathematics at a fairly well regarded English University. My focus with regards to video games, at least those I have spent many hours on online are Diablo 2, Dofus, StarCraft & most recently EVE Online. That’s going to pretty much be that as neither of us are here to discuss my personal life.

Onto Spaceships!

I have played EVE on and off (mostly off) for something like two years, with this being my third and most successful iteration in spending a non-trivial amount of time on the game. My first involved the tutorials, slowly grinding enough money mining to get a Retriever, being made Mining Director of a brand new Corporation with someone as new as I to the game. On our first outing to mine as a group, we had teamed up with another corporation for security as were were making our way to low sec, personally my first ever time there. Needless to say, someone was a spy and we got blapped upon entry. Not knowing the existence of Insurance, I lost everything and was thoroughly put off.

My second was more brief, but somewhat more enjoyable. I had been invited to resub by some StarCraft friends, and after a long day of  laddering we would pass the evening hanging out and mining. We were invited to Windscarr Mining Corp, a brand new Corporation whose leader was kind enough to give me a free Hulk! Sadly as a month or two passed the inevitable inevitably inevitabilised and I lost interest in the game.

I do not remember why I started EVE for my current iteration, I can only say that I am very happy to have done so in the August of this year. I made the conscious decision to learn the game from the ground up, especially to learn about this “PvP” thing everyone was talking about. Certainly not a new concept due to my past gaming experience, but I was definitely a blank slate ready to be chalked for the first time. Having idly seen a Fanfest panel where EVE University had a speaker (along with Goons and others) when I saw their name under the “new player friendly” section of the in-game corp finder they definitely stuck out to me, so I filled out an application and made my first step into truly discovering the awe-inspiring depth and complexity this beautifully designed game contains .

It was about the same time I was wrapping up my participation in my StarCraft Clan. Without going into too much detail I was an effective Director in EVE terms, and largely was in charge of our EU StarCraft (& sometimes NA) as well. I joined that clan in the first place because I do enjoy playing in a structured environment. Don’t get me wrong, I love larking about as much as the next guy, and do not feel the need to cling to something larger than myself to have a sense of validation. I just like to get stuff done and have some clarity as to what’s going on, some semblance of structure can help with this.

So here I am now, 5 months into my life as a Unista, thoroughly enjoying myself and gaining new experiences in the game by the bucketload, largely in learning the art of FCing. My posts in this blog will not be high level discussion of EVE mechanics, nor will I be able to propose any wisdom about the game for a good few years. This is a more personal expression of my thoughts and experiences which do not make it to my AARs, for the entertainment of new and old players alike who find themselves interested (bored) enough to take the time to read what I write.

Apoth ♥