Waffles vs RAZOR

So it turns out if you shoot people’s structures they get mad and shoot back. Naturally, I immediately went scouting and found a POS near Waffles staging, reinforcing it in a few minutes on a Saturday evening after my scheduled BlOps fleet.

The POS in question belonged to RAZOR Alliance, who are a 3500-man CFC member alliance. Armed with our gorgeous (and completely stolen from Darkside) Naga fleet, I managed to pull together 40 of Waffles 200-man membership to see if we could get some action, and if not just blow up their mining operations. We landed on grid, blew up the POS, so I summarily dismissed the fleet and went on to plan my next op.

However, shortly after I left the channel I got word that a RAZOR Oracle fleet had come back to immediately re-anchor a medium POS in its’ place. Pings went out and thankfully 30 waffles were still around and we valiantly set forth for some pewpew. The numbers of DPS and logi were pretty even, but they had a wing of 4 bombers firing waves of electron bombs at us, as well as a good number of interceptor/Interdictor support. Despite all this, we DUNKED them. We traded a ‘Ceptor for 4 Oracles, a Naga, a Keres, a Sabre and a Scimitar.

After they ran off, we decided to reinforce this shiny new POS, but their retreat was only temporary to do a full CTA rageping for a 80-man Maelstrom fleet which they quickly dropped on us. Deeming this ungentlemanly, we lit our own cyno and dropped a PL Proteus fleet on them. We chased RAZOR back to Doril, their staging system, and finished reinforcing the new POS after picking off stragglers. The new timer was only four hours, so in good spirits we set up another Op timer and did some other stuff. Here is a combined battle report for the two engagements, as well as a video of the second:


(Video still being edited)

Fast forward 4 Hours, 45 brave Waffle once again sail forth to Utopia with PL on standby in case RAZOR got mad again. However, RAZOR, the 3500-character alliance, member of the largest coalition of EVE-players in the history of the game, only managed to pull together a 30-man Muninn fleet which scarpered as soon as we landed on grind. The problem for them was that they scapered to Doril, where the PL backup was sat on the other side of the gate. While they tacked and killed what they could get their mitts on, we finished off the POS, impeded only by a Goon ISBoxing bomber squad, who failed to get any kills, but lost most of his bombers. Thanks to what I can only assume is not paying attention, he rewarped the remaining bombers and all his pods back to us to we could have another run of shooting at him.


After placing some commemorative cans, we went home to go on a good old fashioned roam.

Apoth ♥


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