Kinakka highlight reel

Hey, so Waffle moved back to Kinakka, and something like 2-3 weeks later redeployed to have funtimes nth partying the Southern War. I ran a shitton of fleets during our brief return to Black Rise as did many other Waffles FCs, so here’s a small selection of cool fight we took part in.

Fight 1: Dancing with the Russians

I had called up a Talos/Oracle roam, standard kity stuff and we had made our way down to Barlequet, then still the home of Brave Newbies. As it happened, a large group of Russian T3 snipers had also come out to play. They kept trying to warp on to us, but thanks to not being ‘tards we managed to stay one step ahead of them, until l33t accidental logi bait Radakos got tackled as we warped out. This meant however that the Russians all started blapping him, allowing us to warp directly onto them, under their guns. Despite most of them being prealigned, we got our moneys worth:

Fight 2: Nightmare in New Eden

I love events like these. Everyone piles in and beats the crap out of each other with much less risk aversion than your usual engagements. A brand new Waffle FC posted the Op timer for this running Treblecats under my recommendation, but when we landed on the clusterfuck that was the grid he completely locked up, so me and the other main Waffle FC in the fleet tag teamed the fight between anchoring, target calling, his mumble bugging out and my client lagging out at one point.

The fight itself was awesome, by intelligent positioning we managed to stay out of the minds of most of the groups there, blapping merrily for a good half hour. Our Logi anchor was a first timer and managed to keep the logi pack either a) on top of the enemy fleet or b) out of rep range, but he learnt and otherwise everything went rather well. We managed to whore on most of the shiny crap, and by nature of being blue to PL we weren’t immediately blaster into November when they landed an Ishtar fleet to take part in the festivities.

Fight 3: Nanophoons and SMA

The arrival of Rubicon will make roaming in BS gangs a pain in the ass, so I decided to churn out a few nanophoon fleets while they were still fun. After a long and uneventful trek through northern null, we landed in the SMA staging system who were kind enough to undock firstly a Firetail fleet, and then their standard rail Ferox gang. The fighting actually went rather well for my first time both FCing and flying in a nanophoon fleet, but after SMA finished clearing our tackle they just warped off as soon as we fired on them. Combine that with the fact we were running low on cap boosters and we wree forced to go home. I learnt two main points:

1) Bring a Lachesis (I have a MWD Lach fit for our Darkside Naga fleet, it will double here beautifully).

2) Bring a cloaky hauler full of cap boosters.

Fights 4 & 5: Don’t mess with our bros parts 1 & 2

During our Pure Blind deployment we became good bros with the MOA dudes, so when we find out SMA came out of hiding and started picking on them after we went home we naturally wanted to help out. One borrowed Titan Bridge later and we enter DUNK CITY.

A few days later, SMA are at it again, but thsi time are POS bashing with 7 dreads and 2 carriers. Waffles didn’t quite have the numbers to take that on + the support fleet SMA had out, but thankfully PL wanted to send an Ishtar fleet over to get some cap kills. Two bad things happened that stopped us getting cap kills:

1) MOA did not have any of their leadership on, so when we told them that we were ready to go they refused to suicide-bubble the caps.

2) The PL fleet was horrific at telling me what they were doing. I was trying to organise both MOA and let PL know when to go in, but they just go ahead and spike local without telling anyone.

So the caps just warped off to a safe POS, but thankfully the SMA support fleet got caught and blapped, so it was not a futile excursion.

Fight 6: Farming TEST

The KB is a little borked on this one, but remove the Waffle AFs and the Cormi and you get the idea. We were outnumbered 3:1 but obviously outshipped the TEST dudes, so it seemed like a cool fight. It was not, they didn’t get a single kill due to their FC not calling them a primary, so all of us took ~2/3 shield damage before they were all dead.

Fight 7: Coaxing out BS kills

We received intel about a large BS gang roaming through Essence/Black Rise, and naturally wanted some of that action. They had ~20 Armour BS and confirmed capital support, but by the time we had chased them down (and picked one of them off) they had found a station to sit in. Through some coaxing they undocked, dropped the Archon and tied to goad us by just tanking our fire on the station. Waffles responded by gently tempting a few of their BS out of Archon rep range, scoring us some lovely killmails.

Fight 8: Archon down in Innia

This is Exodus’s story to tell, and thankfully they made a video, so here it is:

Don’t auto accept fleet invites fiends ♥

This of course is only a fraction of the trouble we got into during our brief return to Kinakka. If you have any interest in joining the SNiggWaffe violence machine, we’re keeping recruitment open for the meantime while we’re deployed to the South, so join “Join SniggWaffe” in-game today!

Apoth ♥


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