Fitting 105: Shopping with Gallente Cruiser V

So I finished Gallente Cruiser V a while ago and wanted to treat myself to a few toys. Here is my toy locker 😀

The Solo Deimos

(In this image CNA is loaded, tank turned off)

A popular ship for soloing since the HAC rebalance, many people use dual-rep with Ions (for longer engagements so you can reload the AAR), a second EANM rather than a second mag stab, or I’ve seen all kinds of things done with the rigs. This version is (in my opinion) simple and forgiving. a bunch of DPS with as good projection as you’re going to get with blasters, a single repper to worry about Cap for and choice between EWAR drones and Warriors. I’m currently planning on updating the fit to a Khanid/Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler for 9,750km range and upgrading the rigs to T2 since the price drop.

I actually got my first true solo kill with it today, as thus far I’ve been using it on rare occasion for small gang quick response stuff.

Not exactly kill of the year, I think he was trying to be cap stable while perma-MWDing to kite away. One overheat of my MWD caught me up into scram/web range liberal application of DPS to the face resulted in a quick, one-sided fight. He was very polite about the loss, which is nice to see, though after telling me that he could have taken me, his explanation for losing was an ever growing list of weak excuses. Still, on to the next fit!

The Proteus

King of the brick tank, the Proteus is known across new Eden as a fantastic FCing boat, and is also commonly used as a station gaming ship in high sec. My Proteus is relatively cheaply fit compared to what you might see out of it’s use in wormhole alliance, but still lovingly adorned with shiny modules.

(Void loaded, tank on.)

The bonus to point range on this ship has also lead to the Proteus being used in pimped gatecamps as a super heavy-duty point. With a covert subsystem on it, the Proteus becomes an insane cloaky ganker.

The Vigilant

Rarely seen outside of webbing duties in high-level Wormhole Sleeper Ops, the Vigilant is still a fun ship to have on hand for when you seriously need something to stop moving.

(Void loaded, tank on)

Without T2 resists if you fly this in anything larger than a small gang you’re going to be a hot primary, so be very careful as to when you choose to take this thing out.


3 thoughts on “Fitting 105: Shopping with Gallente Cruiser V

  1. Anonymous

    Why AB vs. MWD?

    Also, dropping your hardener for an Imperial Navy Explosive Energized Membrane will get you to 75% Explo Resist and reduce your tank’s neut vulnerability.

    1. Apoth Post author

      The AB is for sig tanking, though dual proping with just the scram makes sense. The active hardener can be overheated for even more resists, though as you say it makes it more neut vulnerable. Both are valid choices.


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