I welped EVE University again

A big thank you to Zorena for capturing what he could before he died.

Anyway, this is in fact the third time I’ve tried to run an EVE Uni TrebleCat fleet (which I totally stole from PL after we used it in Waffles), the first time we didn’t get the numbers to hit critical mass and the second….uh….I overslept. I believe this to be a great Doctrine to train EVE Uni because it checks every box I go through my head when thinking about them:

Is it cheap? – New players don’t have big wallets, and you’re not spending more than 40mill for a T1 cruiser here.

Is it low-SP friendly? – T1 cruisers with T1 guns being of no detriment (you use faction ammo anyway), unlike for example AB Mallers which just don’t work anywhere enar as well without T2 guns for Scorch

Does it provide options? – People like different roles, and here we have 3 races represented as mainstay parts of the fleet: the Caldari Caracal for Deeps, the Minmatar Scythe & Bellicose for Logistics and target painting/anti-tackle respectively and the Gallente Celestis for EWAR

Does it work when you have a ton of dudes? – You NEED a ton of dudes to make this fleet work properly, hitting critical mass at around 30-40 in fleet.

Does it provide opportunities to learn about core game mechanics for both newer and more experienced players? – When you have a corporation of lots of people of low SP, a large part of your fights are going to be brawling blobs when you land at zero, shoot the primary and press F1. In this fleet you learn about managing range, different ammo types and fleet basics in the Caracal, logistics basics in the Scythe, interesting EWAR in the Celestis where you have a sufficient drone bay that you have to pay attention to what you should be doing with those, and independent target prioritisation in the Bellicose, while painting the main DD primary. By having backup anchors for DD and Logistics, I can also help train new FCs who want a bit of a stepping stone from F1 monkey to doing everything. Both Interceptors and Interdictors are exceptionally useful in this fleet, and have the potential to make interesting piloting  as the core ships do not have tackling modules.

On to the battle report:

We had taken longer than usual to form up as it was a brand new Doctrine and a brand new way of flying for the UNI, but we set off in reasonably good time where we came upon a medium-sized no-holds-barred armour setup travelling though low sec. None of them were engageable under the UNIs RoE so we followed them for a little while to see if they were going anywhere interesting, but sadly they headed straight for Hi Sec.

Not a lot happened as we looped around back onto my original course, but eventuually we made it to one of my favourite places to find a big fight at the moment, the CVA/AAA border. If we had found nothing there then I would have taken us no fear mode into Curse where pretty much everyone in the game is deployed at the moment, but thankfully CVA obliged us to a fight. We found a few Drakes and a Sabre on our outgate in 4B-NQN, and our scout reported the rest of them on the other side. The odds were not in our favour, especially with all that light tackle to web us down but I took us straight in as CVA sometimes lose their bottle and run if you look like you know what they have but are willing to engage them anyway.

Our Ceptor got their forward Drakes to agress, and we managed to take two of them out before reps started landing, at which point I had to change our focus to the legion of light tackle and EWAR (though it seemed like every ship in their fleet had utility EWAR) as we just weren’t going to break those drakes with the reported 9 Scythes on field. That may not have been actually true now I look at how they were fit, especially this one:


I made the choice I believed was best with the information I have at the time, and started to work through their tackle, despite the fact we would not be applying full damage to them. Had our Logi anchor not gotten webbed to smithereens off the bat, or handed over the role earlier, we may have survived a little longer to continue my plan of remove tackle, alpha Scythes, then move onto Drakes as we danced on the edge of their damage projection capabilities (same weapons, but Caracals have a hull bonus to missile velocity whereas Drakes do not). To be honest, we were going to welp hard even if that didn’t happen, and I knew that going in, but that was one hell of a lot of fun and a great introduction of the fleet concept to my UNIbros.

BR: http://killfeed.eveuniversity.org/?a=kill_related&kll_id=112076

The ISK ration is 1:2 in their favour, but I like to think both sides had an awesome time and would have that fight again without hesitation.

Apoth ♥


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