An attempt at some more “epic” writing

It was the days after the War over Midas’s Fountain in the eleventh age of New Eden. The Goon Horde and it’s Vassals had defeated the young dinosaur who retreated to the Desert, and then onto the Cursed Plains of the south. The Anarchist clansmen reborn again together with the painted Bullockys had retaken their ancestral halls, and the Sun Warriors of the east, after having suffered what was thought to be a genocide at the hands of the Northern Tribes, found a new home in a strange new land by combining their forces with the great Ebony Raven. Many said that the silver-tongued heralds of the Horde were behind this move thanks to loosening the strings of their embroidered coin-purses, but this was all hearsay.

The Ebony Raven and it’s rider, the Black Knight, flew between it’s high nests throughout new Eden, swooping down upon the war machines of any who did not care to guard them tightly. This was not a new experience for the people of the Land of New Eden, as before the Raven there was an even more feared beast, the Pandemic Dragon, whose many names were whispered among the noblemen and peasants alike, praying that their livestock and villages would not be the next torn asunder. Alas, the Dragon had grown tired and lethargic after feeding deeply on the corpses of its prey, digesting the rotting flesh and growing larger than ever before, yet it slept and atrophied in its vast treasure cavern in the East.

There were two great powers left on the map after the War over the Fountain of Midas, the Horde in the North and West and the squabbling Northern tribes in the South an East. Each owned vast swathes of land, filled with peasants working the rich fields to fill the treasuries of their masters, but the peace between them was not an easy one. Historic grievances and bloodshed between the two made war inevitable, the only question being who would strike first and where. The only thing clear to both sides is that the tranquil Red River would soon churn scarlet, and the face of the land would never be the same again.


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