Thermodynamics & Rivers

Apothne, you suck! You’ve barely been posting! Yeah, sorry. I had to order a new GPU (the old one was overheating every few minutes), and RL is being an utter bitch, but the new GPU is here (GTX 770) and works lie a dream.

Spaceship news………uh………….not so much. Waffles have been up in Pure Blind for the past two weeks on a harassing deployment, killing ratting carriers and the like, which largely means sitting on a BlOps for extended periods of time. Then you get something that looks like this:

And then you go back to waiting. Having said that, we’ve had some great fights with TNT and CO2, this fight came to be known as “Operation Dunkage”:

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk Rubicon.

New Anchorable Structures – I love these, it will give some lovely tools for disrupting large Sov groups. Loaded with these are the ideas of “re-vamping POS code, but that will never happen because the code is too hard”. I don’t care, these things are cool, and in complete speculation I think that CCP are likely to just write a brand new replacement POS system that does what we want it to do with a bunch more cool features and let the old POSs die off.

Ship Balance – No idea about the Marauders, love the ‘Ceptor change especially in combination with Warp Acceleration, like, I came buckets (wouldn’t mind a tiny bit more base lock range though), EAFs are going to be HILARIOUS.

Warp Speed Changes – ALL OF MY YES

Apoth ♥


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