I’ve never lost an Arazu

About a month ago, I finished Recon V since admiring their effectiveness during my time in EVE University. With only Gallente cruiser V trained, I eagerly fitted up two Arazus (one shield, one armour) and a Lachesis (Shield, the armour Arazu is better than the armour Lachesis). Since then, as mentioned in the title, I haven’t lost an Arazu.

In the case of Lachesis however, it is now a running joke in Waffles that I’ll lose one every time I undock, regardless of what fleet we’re running.

Lach loss 1


Some dudes were bashing a POS in Eha in tier 3s, so naturally as there were ships in space at any point Waffles formed up our own to shoot at them. Fleet comp of choice was our own T3s, hence my Lachesis to apply long-range point and apply warpins via probes in addition to our ‘Ceptor support. We landed on them at range and picked off a few things while they warped away.

Over the next few minutes the gates of miltia hell opened, spewing forth ships from every gate chasing us down. We chased the initial gang to a gate, who then warped off to a PoCo. AAt this point it seemed as if they were running, so I threw caution to the wind and warped us to that PoCo at…….exactly the same range they had warped at.


My Lachesis was the first primary, and thus began the great kite of 2013. I went back after the fight and wrecks were strewn in a straight line over ~1200km of grid.

Lach loss 2


The great and powerful NuNu Dagobah (who may be the nicest person in PL, or possibly all of EVE) took 20 or so waffles into FCON space to poke the great CFC bear. The bear poked back.


It seemed the appropriate response to a small TrebleCat gang in your space is to rageform a Tier 3 fleet with SIX carriers, and then drop them into the system, while also forming FOUR separate AHAC gangs to sit on the ingate in each adjacent system. I don’t know what NuNu ever did to FCON to illicit this response but by god I hope he doesn’t do it to me.

Lach loss 3


The main use I’ve found for my Lachesis in Waffles is, as in the previous example, providing long range point for our TrebleCat fleets (sometimes it’s even survived!). However, applying HML damage to Assault frigs is not an easy task, especially when the opposing FC realises that your anti-tackle is just a few bellicoses with target painters and RLMs and takes them off the field as fast as he can.


We find it hard to convince FW dudes near Kinakka to engage us most of the time, even when the fleet comps are expressedly not in our favour, so as they were in the fighting mood and willing to engage, our FC got us to reship and go out again. A fight’s a fight after all.


After waiting for 40 minutes of the opposing FC begging “please wait my guys need to reship, we need reinforcements” blah blah blah they reveal their fondness of EWAR in round 2, despite having won round 1.


The lesson I learnt that day is if you want “gudfites”, don’t ask the Gallente Militia. They seem to have looked at EVE Uni’s old reputation for EWAR blobbing and gone “YES! Now THAT is what we want to be.”

As you can see from the lossmails, it is super important to customise your Recons for the fleets at hand. There are some good “general” fits, but you will always be better of asking yourself “what do I need to do in this fleet” and swapping a module here or there to maximise your effectiveness. I now have two standard Lach fits I use for thw two primary instances in Waffles where a Lach is useful; TrebleCat Support and T3 Kiting Support. Handily I can use the same rigs for each, meaning I just have one hull and swap the modules as necessary:

The TrebleCat Support is the one I keep ready to go at all times, and to switch it to the kiting Lach I just drop a Smartbomb, the adaptive, the nano or backup cluster and the AB to a medium cap booster, a MWD and a meta 4 reactor control (it’s cheaper than the T2, provides sufficient PG and gives some nice cap/shield bonuses).

Apoth ♥


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