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So I realised I haven’t done many battle reports lately. Usually I like to tie them in to some grandiose point I’m trying to make, but since we’ve moved to Kinakka I’ve been having so much fun I just want to share the raw joy of EVE for it’s own sake, in the form of a selection of fleets I’ve FCed. Before that however, I just want to mention that I have been listen on, an awesome site that keep a list of active EVE blogs. It’s how I found out about EVE blogging and through the blogs themselves how I got inspired to start my own, so you should totally check it out. Anyway, pewpew time!

Fleet 1: Breaking in Kinakka

To celebrate our moving to Black Rise I took out our first fleet after the move; dual-prop Thoraxs with Celestis/Augoror support. We had with us 3 ‘Ceptors and a random Arazu to start with so it was a fairly beautiful comp, though I would have been happier with 1-2 more Augs (we had 3).

I set us on a looping path through Black Rise, a region I’m relatively familiar with thanks to my days in the UNI.

First kill of the night, storyline point Typhoon:

Second kill of the night, single-web Hugin:

Note that our friend in the Hugin was from the 2013 Capture The Flag runners up team. He jauntily told us from his pod “don’t go anywhere faggots, we’ll fight you”. Now, I have learnt a few things about what Snuff box mean when they say this, so we moonwalked straight out of system.

Aaaaand straight into a frigate gang, however we were in cruisers and they were in frigs, and they decided they didn’t want to fight so they all warped off, barring this Deadspace-repper Navitas:

We continued on our merry way, with (to my massive and completely real suprise) a Snuff Arazu jumping into a system with us, failing to click cloak long enough for us to lock him. Because I’m not a TOTAL retard I called for us to align while blapping it. Sure enough a T3/Guardian/Absolution/Damnation fleet dropped so we o7ed out taking no losses.

At about this time a regular PLbro (Capt Morgen) spoke up about the massive fight that was occuring in Fountain, so we burnt at best speed to go get in on the action. On the way we blapped a few guys:

Still, we set up on the J5a gate in EI- due to the great traffic moving through. I have never gotten so many kills in such a short time. After a few minutes of frantic bubbling/pointing/blapping a Caracal Fleet, a Megathron Fleet and a ‘Nado gang joined us in local, all of which posed a big threat to our 20-man gang of cruisers.

We set up a rolling safe to wait for them to pass through, but it became clear that the Caracals were hunting us down (especially when they probed us down and warped otno a few guys a bit late in the rolling), so we extracted.

2.14B killed for 200mill lost. Today was a good day.

On the way back we picked off anything we could in our path as we defensively bubbled outa there with the Caracals hot on our heels.

And thus we got back home and started rage-pinging bombers for the big fight going on, but sadly CCP Blueballed us by accidentally the whole server before we could get involved.

Fleet 2: Guest FCing for EVE-University, Caldari Racial Fleet

Let’s start with the combined BR:

So that’s an EVE-UNI Caldari themed fleet (because why not) vs a TEST HML Caracal fleet.

UNI: Unmindlinked Vulture Boosts, 1 Rokh, 1 Rapier, 3 Drakes, 4 BlackBirds (this is the UNI after all), 8 Caracals, 1 Moa, 7 Ospreys and a plethora of frigs and dessies.

TEST: 28 Caracals, 13 Scythes, 6 Stabbers, 6 Thrashers & an assortment of light tackle.

If I had told EVE-UNI we were going into null, some of those pods would have not been quite as pricey (though the pilots were happy to lose them given the fun we had) and the ISK war would reflect more how ridiculously even the fight was. We met on the gate and started dropping all the bubbles. TEST quickly blapped through our lighter ships that could not hold reps, leaving us outnumbered almost 2-1 in raw ship values, though we of course had the stronger logistics and were rolling a bit heavier. Despite receiving insane DPS and mad target switching from the TEST FC, our logibros were on point and kept our ships with sufficient tanks to catch reps alive. Equally, we did not have the DPS to break the TEST Caracals unless I could get out Vulture and Rokh involved, which essentially meant i spent the entire fight trying to herd the UNI (and TEST against their will) into Blaster range, which was not a particularly easy task.

In the end the TEST FC got wise to my tactics and we just weren’t breaking them any more, but at that point TEST was between us and home, so we pulled up our sleeves went for a third engagement to try and break home without having to traverse B-D (Goons home system). At that time, N3 decided to come in with a Proteus and bunch of bombers to start torping our Vulture, however bombers are not known for their great tank and were dispatched in short order. I was told that some of the fight had been FRAPSed so hopefully I’ll be able to edit this with an upload of that too.

Fleet 3: Test Blaster Nagas, Please Ignore

I actually wrote the first half of this post, then took this fleet out and decided to chuck it in. This all started on a standard Waffle shield BC roam, where our good PLbro Captain Morgen (FC of the Artybal fleet I wrote about some time ago, to this day my favourite fleet in my EVE career) brought along his Blaster Naga and was extolling its virtues. After that, we spoke over IRC about the fit and he commented I should take out a fleet of them, which is exactly what I then did. There was a lot of controversy over this choice of hull for it’s job, both in Waffle forums and when my last post here got into reddit, however everyone agreed afterwards that the ships performed better than expected, and are worth further testing.

This fleet actually got off to a bit of a rough start, with a few of our key pilots being ~20 jumps out, and the guy who imported our Nagas who shall be only named under the pseudonym “Jewiapek”, fitted thermal ARMOUR rigs and 1MN MWDs on the ships. Still, the troubles were sorted out in good time and we headed out for some explosive research into the effectiveness of this fleet concept.

Long story short, we got blueballed by Placid locals, BNI, Rote-Kapelle and EVE-UNI for 90 minutes, but then by a stroke of luck ran into an almost identical gang from Black Shark Division on the way home. They had 3 SCimis vs our 4 Scythes and 1 Scimi, 2 Rapiers to our 3 Huginn and one more Nado that we had Nagas, so it was about as even as one could realistically expect. The results however that we dumpstered them, probably partially due to having 3 Huginns and killing one of their Rapiers straight off the bat.

We jumped into them and while they tried to align off they weren’t much faster than us and as soon as our Huginns came into play they started dropping exceptionally fast, despite them putting multiple of out scythes into structure or low armour. As soon as they realised they weren’t breaking our Logi they left the field, which has prompted me to want to have a dual-long-point Lach in this fleet concept rather than the third Huginn (I had only planned for two at the start anyway). A couple more Nagas wouldn’t hurt either, but I was totally happy for a first test of this fleet concept. The only other change I would make would be to swap one of the Adaptives for a second LSE on the Nagas (admittedly requiring an ACR) which will increase the buffer substantially and greatly help with cap.

Fleet 4: We love Brave Newbies

Since Brave Newbies Inc. moved into Rahadalon in March, which was two jumps from Waffles staging system in Assah, we have maintained a good working relationship with them. Having said that, I was rather surprised when I looked over from my station-trading toon to my main to find a convo request from Le Petit More, a BNI FC and my main contact point with them in the past. To be honest we hadn’t really seen much of BNI since we left Assah in April for Todi, but I’m glad he remembered us.

LPM told me that a BNI frig fleet had somehow tackled two Nocturnal Romance Capitals 15j from us and needed some DPS backup to take them down. I rage-pinged in IRC and we undocked with our core shield BC fleet in under two minutes, with more people catching up as they could. We landed on field and started applying DPS to a chimera, who despite triage and an almost complete absence of neuts on our side could not hold the incoming damage, and even though it took a while he went down without much incident. During this time we had heard basically everyone in  the local area was forming, most prominently Suddenly Spaceships, most of whom would be jumping in to save the Caps rather than kill them.

Just as we switch to the Thanny 8 SS Slowcats drop in and we start losing ships to Sentries. We stick it out to kill the Thanny, giving BNI orders to kill the sentries to piss off the SlowCats and force them to micromanage their drones. After sacrificing a bunch of BCs to kill our second Capital we signaled the retreat and went home, happy with out two kills, as it’s not often waffles get to shoot at carriers (PL hide the keys to the Capital Cupboard and don’t let us have them, apart from on very special occasions or move Ops).

Apoth ♥


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