Fitting 104: Blaster & Smartbomb Edition


I loooooove the Brutix.

There are three types of Brutix fits you’ll see being used regularly, the dual rep, shield buffer and armour buffer. They’re all pretty standard so I won’t bother going into much detail, and I’ll post two significantly different ways to tank the armour buffer Brutix.

Mixing in Auxilliary Armour Reppers is also nice, I’m yet to play with them.

On the passively tanked armour buffer Brutix, it’s also quite nice to replace the mag stab with a Explosive hardener, then replace the explosive rig with a third trimark, or even go one trimark with kinetiv and thermal rigs, depending on how important resists are to you vs overall EHP.

Choosing the correct small smartbomb to kill drones in PvP

It’s great (if you have the money and the Utility high) to run a small smartbomb to kill opposing drones, with faction smartbombs being somewhat more expensive but providing a good deal more range so you can actually hit the little blighters. I’ve made a table to find the best smartbomb (assuming you’re using 1 small faction one) against the most commonly used PvP drones (ignoring sentries as they don’t orbit you).


Disclaimers: The data gathered from EFT assuming perfect skills but a hull that does not give bonuses to drone HP. I also do not know how EVE rounds damage or HP so I have assumed standard mathematical rounding procedure (round down for <0.5, round up for =<0.5) but have left the raw figures for re-calculation as necessary, nor have I taken shield recharge into account.

So to be honest, it’s all pretty darn close. Thermal is technically the best, beating all the others by one cycle, but to be honest I think EMP is probably the better choice such that you guarantee hits more often in case of the larger drones or omnidirectional tacking links being used.

Blaster Naga

This week I will be experimenting with doing small-gang blaster Nagas, engaging either with null and optimal range scripts loaded or Caldari Navy Antimatter and tacking speed scripts.

If you lack T2 large Hybrids you can use tungsten ammo for similar damage projection, though your DPS naturally suffers for it.

Without tackle mods and Battleship-grade guns these things are going to require appropriate support, so I’m planning on Rapiers, Dictors and plenty of interceptors, maybe even a ‘Razu. In conjuction with that, it needs a few dedicated anti-tackle ships such as Stabbers/Vagas/Cynabals to keep these things safe. Add in a couple Scimis/Scythes and I’m hopingt this will be a nice little compostion to blap things with.

Apoth ♥


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