DickCats 103 & Doctrine Evolution

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This is one of those posts where the grand scheme of EVE and my personal travels through space have seemed to align in a rather beautiful way.

Recently there was a Mittani article (a Goon Alliance Update to be specific) speaking of Doctrines and how the ones being used in the Fountain war have until recently been pre-Odyssey fits, taken from essentially when TEST took Delve and killed triple A which seems like a very long time ago. The advent of Megathron Fleets and the core Celestis blob of the CFC “Fuck You” Fleet (which I could not be more happy about, go Gallente!) represents the continuing metagame change at bloc-level PvP.

I love reading and discussing metagame shifts back from my days as a StarCraft Player/Caster, and this is probably the first heavy shift I have been knowledgeable to appreciate during my EVE career. Theorycrafting and discussion specific fit variations is one of my favourite things to do with friends on comms & forums, and doing so can teach you a lot about PvP. It has also been a strong contributor in my progress to become a competent FC.

Waffles (as I am writing this) are moving to Kinakka, and to break everyone back into being able to roam I’m doing a good old DickCat fleet. Still, with Medium Ancillary Current routers holding price at 10m in Jita it was time to fiddle with the Thorax fit, or be spending silly amount of money.

All I’ve done is change the 1600 plate to an 800, which in turn allows me to drop the router for a trimark and upgrade the guns to Ions (more Optimal & DPS) in exchange for meta-ing the AB.

The tank drops by 4k EHP, though 26k is still plenty, otherwise as i mentioned above you get more DPS & Optimal from the guns, more agility and more speed under MWD. The price drops by ~9m as well, which is obviously great news on a ship that was less than 50 mill to begin with. Overall then a great change, and probably something that I should have been doing since Day 1 (when I stole the fit from the Tuskers). Overall, a fantastic change then.

I have to be honest and say that I am really glad to be leaving Outer Ring. Cloaky Camps, bombing & AT practice are a ton of fun (and AT practice is only going to get more intense in the run-up to the tournament), but living adjacent to the largest player entities in the game limits your ship choice quite substantially, and makes it impossible to run a large set of fleet doctrines or do smaller gang stuff in general. It was a great Holiday but as we’ve been in Delve/Fountain essentially since the start of May it the change is well needed. I was brought up in EVE Roaming through Low and Null sec with 10-30 dudes, it’s where my love of the game is at its strongest and where I am the most competent & comfortable as both a pilot and an FC, so access to Goon Space & the Northern War as well as Gallente/Caldari Faction Warfare is going to be AWESOME! We’ll have every type of PvP available to us 24/7, rather than lots of one and none of the other.

Good things are in store for this summer.

Apoth ♥


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