DickCats 102 & Gallente Supremacy

A while ago I posted a fun fleet Doctrine, lovingly named DickCats.

Since then, the support ships have undergone some iteration. The original post is still completely valid, these are just alterations made due to common engagements Waffles get, and thus how each ship has been optimised.

The Celestis

The Celestis remains the epic support ship, for more details on why Celestis are so awesome you can read my previous post which was dedicated to the topic. The fit largely remains the same, but I’ve swapped the smartbombs for rapid light missiles.

Don’t get me wrong, smartbombs are still useful for killing drones, but I velieve that the RLMs are more useful in more situations. In general DickCats can’t project damage, to the point where we pretty much always have Null ammo loaded (which we can do thanks to the tracking bonus on the Thorax hull) and if a frigate decides to stay more than 13k away from us there’s nothing we can really do to them. Sure, damps are amazing vs frigates but by blowing them out of the sky you can apply the EWAR modules to other things. The RLMs mean we can apply DPS to these ships, as well as adding to the overall DPS of the fleet by having them fire upon the primary. The otehr advantage is that the Celestis can sit with the logi, potentially further away from incoming DPS, which makes me happier about going for two EWAR rigs rather than going for all trimarks or one EWAR rig and one trimark, which is a serious consideration on the sbing version.

The ExeqAuguror

The Exequror has undergone something more of a change, in that it’s now an Augoror. In Waffles Augorors are more common, and have the advantage of stiffer tanks and being able to permarun reps more easily, as well not having to worry about running out of cap boosters. The fit I use is pretty standard, which is great because it means we can use them is all our armour fleets. Some people prefer to go for a third trimark than an EM rig, but immediately regret it when they find themselves under fire from the multiple popular laser doctrines of the day.

You’ll also notice that I prefer one ECCM and one sensor booster, rather than the more common double ECCM. Obviously this is a counter to the ever growing in popularity of sensor damps over ECM (again, see this post I wrote recently on the topic), but also by preloading the scan resolution script you can lock up your repping target much more quickly. and thus apply that logi love before your target gets alphaed more easily, which is more of a danger with armour tanking than shield as armour reps land at the end of the module cycle, rather than shield which apply at the start.

Gallente Supremacy

Moving away from DickCats now, I ask you to recall a very old post I made mentioning, amongst other things, a shield Myrmidon fit. Since then CCPs Fozzie and Rise have been through the rebalance of T1 Battlecruisers, and given my standard implant set for lowsec being the fantastic Genolutions, you can now get OVER 1000 DPS from the damn thing, while maintaining a great tank and resist profile.

Like, seriously CCP? I haven’t had the opportunity to fly it yet, but am chomping at the bit to do so once Waffles return to Todifrauan after our impromptu holiday to bomb, torpedo and generally haze everything in the North-West (thanks Mittani!).

Apoth ♥


3 thoughts on “DickCats 102 & Gallente Supremacy

  1. Faren Shalni

    Meta the sebo and t2 the plate. the only drawback is more mass from the t2 plate. If the fitting still is too tight meta the AB. with a t2 plate the aug can take alot more punishment. it has been the difference between losing my aug and surviving


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