Honey, I’m home!

And thus with my exams completed, I can return to full time internet spaceships. Despite not really playing, quite a lot has happened since I took my leave. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, HBC is dead and the south-west is ablaze with action, hence why Waffles has been deployed to Delve with PL within 3 jumps of Goons, N3 and TEST.

I have very little bomber experience, and am hoping to learn how to effectively FC bomber/torping gangs while i’m out here. This is the first time I’ve lived out of null and been involved in superblob fights such as this:


Still, I haven’t had time for many fleets, though I’ve been continuing to contribute what I can to E-UNI in the spare hours. Last week I was one of the four guests to E-UNIs first “Guest FC Roundtable”, where official E-UNI guest FCs essentially do a Q&A. Now, you may be wondering why i find this noteworthy, but one of the other four guests was Shadoo.

Yes, Shadoo.



It’s Shadoo.

For any who are interested in taking a listen, you can find the recording here. It was a really good session and some great ideas were discussed. The other two Guest FCs were an old friend Captain Crashd Fourtwentee, an ex-Unista who now resides in RAZOR, and a Goon FC by the name of techwood who is a fantastically fun bloke.

Furthermore, this Saturday at 22:00 EVE time, a few ex-UNI (and more specifically ex-Low Sec Camp) Waffles and I will be holding another round table for E-UNI entitled “Life in Low Sec”, in which we’re hoping to answer questions about choosing the lifestyle of being a permaflashy in low/null sec space, as well as talking about PvP and assorted other topics.

Well, that’s about if for now, hopefully there will be a new post up in a few days talking about shooting at all the things in Delve and other explosiony loveliness. It’s good to be back.

Apoth ♥


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