Null Sec Politics, CSM8 & other political shenanigans

With the continued run-up to CSM8 and my affiliation to Pandemic Legion through being part of SniggWaffe, their training corp, I have had a surprising amount of people ask my why I have not been giving it any coverage here. Now, as I will discuss further I have no intention to give opinion pieces or report very much at all on either of these subjects anytime soon(tm), yet that requires me to discuss it. So in a somewhat convoluted way, here is my discussion on the things I don’t want to dicuss and why I don’t want to discuss them.


Firstly, I am a EVE newbie. Despite having a character approaching 3 years old, I would only consider the beginning of my EVE career to be at the end of August last year. My game knowledge and appreciation of different aspects of the game is mediocre at best, as those of you who frequent this space will have no doubt realised by now. Any speculation I can make has to be based off of that which I have experience in, so I’m afraid blob warfare, POS mechanics and super capital balance are somewhat off the table. The very title and style of what I set out here is that of a student attempting to learn, and you wouldn’t have a first year teaching all the fifth years now would you?

“But Apoth, you’re part of PL now, you live in null sec and you did that interview thing with James Arget.”

Well, yes and no and no and yes again. SniggWaffe is not actually a member of the Pandemic Legion Alliance and us Waffles do not have access to most parts of the PL forum, we have our own section. It is widely regarded that the worst way to get a spy into PL is through Waffles, as we get told exceptionally little about what PL are up to. We largely learn about their endeavours the same way the rest of EVE does, through killboards and

That’s not to say we don’t interact at all, PLbros regularly hang out in our comms, fly in Waffle fleets and if they just got a cool kill somewhere they’ll link us the mail. More recently as PL have been running fleets in our neck of the woods, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to fly my interceptor with them, which explains the recent state of my lossboard. I may or may not get around to storytelling some other time, we shall have to see.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t actually live in null sec, though I’m about as close to living in null-sec as you can be without actually living in null-sec. I, along with the rest of Waffles, live in Assah, and with the notable exceptions of BNI living in Rahadalon and Eurogoons staging from Hasateem, this region of Low-Sec is not often travelled by roaming groups, meaning when we take a fleet out we have to go into Providence, Curse, Catch and the South in general. Therefore if I’m online and doing something, that something is probably in null-sec, yet despite the amount of time I spend there that will have almost no impact on my knowledge of null-sec politics. Sure, we may stumble across Proviblock fighting someone, but that’s about it. Again, I get all news on this from along with everyone else.

Okay, CSM8. I did the interview with James Arget because he’s a lovely fellow and is actively campaigning for his seat, for example it was his idea to do the interview in the first place, regardless of the fact that he had only just met me at the time I was getting maybe 15 hits a day. This tells me that he gives a damn about the seat and gives a damn about the community he represents and I like that very much. He is a genuinely passionate, nice bloke. One of my favourite quotes of all time come from the StarCraft commentator and grand-daddy of ESports, djWHEAT.


Thus if he is elected I hope he gets WHEATs wish to come true for him. Some of the candidates have been pointed out as just taking their places for granted as they have a bloc behind them, and whether or not that is the case I appreciate those who make the effort to reach out to the rest of us and at the very least least pretend to care about our votes and welfare. Beyond this, I lack the extended game presence or networking to make any commentary on the CSM process. If you want that there are much better blogs such as Jester’s Trek (link in the blogroll) and once again the news site

So no, unfortunately I will not likely be covering any of the topics (despite having just done so) as in its most basic sense I just don’t feel comfortable talking at any length about that which I have no experience with. It would make for poor, content-less posts, most of which would likely be factually incorrect and in general presumptuous and unenjoyable to read (and again, there are plenty of blogs that cater to that too :P).

Right, now that’s out of the way I’ve officially gone any amount of time at all doing EVE-related things which don’t involve shooting at someone or planning to shoot at someone. I find this unacceptable. Where’d I leave my Brutix…?


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