Filthy Piracy: Welp EVERYTHING

Yep, despite being in Waffles for under a month I have already welped a few fleets for them.

Fleet 1: ARMOUR HAAACS Battlecruisers

I LOVE the new Brutix. I loved the old Brutix to be fair, but now it’s a badass armour brawling ship. Here’s my current iteration of fit for it:

Anyway, I scheduled a fleet for a bunch of these with Harbis, Celestis & Augorors. Due to circumstance, we didn’t get quite as many people as we wanted so ended up rolling out in just a few BCs with two Exeqs as our support. In what may be my shortest ever fleet from leave station -> welp, 4 jumps after carrier jumping our stuff into Iesa we took a fight (by necessity, I was +1ing in my Brutix and jumped into a gatecamp) with a whole bunch of cruisers. As I was immediately jammed, neuted, tracking disrupted, sensor damped my thought during this (short) fight was:

We died gloriously.

Fleet 2: Just go with the flow

We were supposed to have our second Artybals fleet (see previous post), but the FC had slept through his alarm. After 40 minutes we got bored enough to head out in a Shield Kitchen Sink and poke around until the next schedules fleet just over an hour away. We started by dumpstering a BCA gatecamp who did not have the good sense to warp off after local spiked, or their D-Scan filled up with incoming death.

After this we headed into Curse (because f*ck Providence), where we managed to snag a sweet little Cynabal and his Inner Zone Shipping Imicus buddy. I have to say, rolling with two competent Interceptors is one of the best things as FC. You know of and can point everything.

Later on our scout found 3 Drakes, which could not possibly be bait. He pointed one, they aggressed and we Leeroyed in. Cue bubble up and a nice big blob landing on us.

And thus my support of industrialists continues.

Apoth ♥


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