Filthy Piracy: ‘Ceptor Adventures

Those of you who have read previous posts or are UNI/Waffle/PLbros will know of the legendary Gallastian Khanid; FC and frigate pilot extraordinaire. Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to tag-team scout with him on two occasions, both of which have been highly eductional and mountains of fun. Combining this with some other great fleets that I’ve both taken part in and lead has meant the week has been jam-packed with explosiony goodness. Here are three examples:

Fleet 1: Remote repping Prophecies (AKA If you like it then you should have put a tank on it)

One of the FCs in Waffles is known for his somewhat barmy fleet concepts, the most recent of which was a 15-man gang of remote repping propecies, probably about 12 Prophs at most. We headed out into Curse where we happened on a 60-man TEST fleet, consisting primarily of Talos which would be very able to shred through our tank, but Waffles are made of sterner stuff that to run away from any fight at all ever.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for TEST. In something that shall not be remembered as one of their finest moments they cowarded out posting some really rather stupid things in local which I am in the process of re-finding to post here. Something to do with the Talos blap not being worth anything because of the resist bonus?

Anyway, we soldierd on into an even bigger fleet, ~60 people most of whom were in battleships. The FC had been looking to test the tank of these things and what better way to do that is to have 40 Battleships shooting at you point blank? The killboard shows the inevitibleness.

It would appear that they also encountered a ‘Nado fleet in the same system which screws up the killboards a bit, but as is the usual outcome in any fleet ever we all died in a fire.

Fleet 2: Artyballs

This is one of the fleets where I was tag teaming with Gallastian. He was providing close support to our fleet of (no links) 12 Arty Cynabals which could hit out to something like 90k while I scouted ahead for things to point and shoot at in my trusty Ares. After a whole lot of nothing we headed over to E02-IK which some of you may know as the system with the 200-man FAZOR Naga fleet in it 24/7. I can honestly say I have never had so much fun piloting my ship over all my time in EVE thus far.

They started with an Augoror/Maller gang with Damps, but after we picked off a few of ther pilots they got mad and docked up, undocking in a random assortment of far more expensive ships. When that didn’t work (after a good 20 minutes of chasing each other all around the system) they undocked their naga fleet and we sensed it was a good time to go home.

Lots of kills, no losses, incredible fleet.

Ignore the Prophecies, I think they were from a PL roam which had passed through at some point chronologically close to us.

Fleet 3: I accidently all the Nados

Just this morning a sniping gang was to be taken out, and I was the lucky Ceptor to be scouting for them. We were passing through some pretty empty systems. We hit a system with 26 people in it where long scan from the ingate was clear, so I reported both pieces of intel to the FC and make my way to the outgate 60AU away. Moments later the FC orders everyone to jump through, where they find temselves in a 20-man cruiser-frig gang with lots of scrams and webs.


By the looks of thing we were not the only prey they fell upon this morning. However, on the way back I saw a little armour cruiser gang in Sendaya, so I called if anyone was interested in some blappage (which is something of a redundant question in Waffles, but hey-ho) and turned around to follow them. They had 2 Exeqs, 3 Ruppies, 3 Thoraxs and an (interestingly fit) curse. Given their web range and the incredible speed I noticed on the Exeqs I could only assume they were Loki linked (not sure why in a small armour cruiser gang, but there you go).

After successfully killing an Exeq and a Curse, a mighty Waffle Talos who had arrived much sooner than everone else got scram/webbed by a Thorax and died, whereupon they all warped off and docked up as local spiked with kill-hungry Waffles. Can’t blame them really.

I should probably fly a ship that actually applies DPS at some point.


Apoth ♥


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