Filthy Piracy: My first Command of a Waffle fleet

I had been in Waffles for 8 days and was yet to take out a fleet, which for me is a very long time without taking out a fleet, so it was about time. Due to a misjudgment on my part of Logistics, we ended up with a pretty special fleet comp; 3 Exequrors, 2 Thorax, 1 (shield) Talos and a Celestis (me). Let’s ignore the fact I’m FCing from an EWAR ship.

And the fact that the Talos is of the wrong tank, and has a bad tank anyway.

And that we’ve got a very odd Logi/DD ratio.

So, we’re barreling towards Molden Heath and one of our guys is lagging behind. He finds a Megathron on a gate, man-modes up tackles it and calls us in. With much glee we all warped back and started piling on the deeps.

Lo’ and behold, the tarp was a tarp and we were joined by a Navy Dominix, a Tempest Fleet Issue, a vanilla Tempest, a Maelstrom and a Scimitar. So that’s 5 battleships, two of which are faction and a T2 Logistics boat vs six T1 Cruisers and Battlecruiser. Primaries were called, I threw my Damps on the Scimi and we prepared to gtfo as soon as the mega went pop.

Then we realised reps were holding.

Once they realised they were screwed they tried to de-agress and jump out. Despite overheating on the Navy Domi he jumped out halfway through structure, much to our displeasure. We went to the dearest station with repairs to deal with heat damage, which turned out to be their staging system. Having been embarrassingly dumpstered they were not kind to us in local, and undocked a station-gaming Maelstrom to show us that they had bigger penises than us, or something like that.

We undocked and all agressed the Maelstrom, leading to an inevitable undock of some very shiny ships. They should probably have taken a moment to notice that we had a PL bro in fleet. I lit a cyno and they had a very bad day.

Sadly, many of them managed to warp of before points were spread, but considering we has 3 point in the fleet 3 kills ain’t bad. After getting the capitals to safety we had to wait for my “cynolestis” to fill out the timer, whereupon they undocked two ‘Nados to try to blap me. Considering there were still 3 Exeqs and a 2 Archons on field, their plight was somewhat futile, and amusement turned to hilarity when Seiza pointed one of them and we shot him out of the sky.

I can now say that I have both given and received PL supers to the nether-regions, and it feels goooooood.

Fleet success!

Apoth ♥


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