Fitting 102

Differently to Fitting 101, here I’m just going to run through a bunch of fits I like to fly:

Fleet Ares

Okay, so Interceptors by common agreement need 3 things: A long point, a MSE and a MWD. Unsuprisingly this one has all of these. This fit was originally given to me by a fantastic Interceptor pilot Guillome Renard, with a nano instead of the Overdrive, though personally I prefer the overdrive as it’s just about agile enough and Gallente structure ftw. It’s actually possible (with very good fitting skills) to put a small rocket launcher in the spare high, though of course damage really doesn’t matter on an Inty apart from getting Drones off your tail. I have had SO much fun in this ship.

Shield Myrmidon

This is a fit completely stolen from Mariner6 who I believe is now in Agony. He was in E-UNI before my time but when people found out how much I liked the hull to begin with they pointed me in the direction of his killboard. With 850DPS (void, UNheated) and a 60k tank at perfect skills, this is one of my favourite ships for FCing and to be honest pretty much anything else where a shield battlecruiser would be useful.


This ship comes in two flavours, this is the MWD version:

This is the heavy tackle version for larger fleets, or if you just want a MWD for whatever reason. The other and original version was given to me by Theon Severasse and uses a 400 plate and an AB, making it a brawling beast for solo-y and super small gang stuff.

Apoth ā™„



3 thoughts on “Fitting 102

  1. qoonpooka

    I fly my Ares with Overdrives as well. Really the only difference is that I have the rocket launcher on mine. I’m glad you enjoy the boat.

    I recently got top damage (60%+) with just my 75mm rails and spike on a Tornado that didn’t respect 7.5km/sec. šŸ˜‰

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