Filthy Piracy: Preliminary Findings

A quick aside; due to conflicting schedules I’m hoping to record the interview with James Arget a  week from now, and will upload it shortly afterwards.

Well, I’ve been a member of the infamous SniggWaffe for five days now, and my sec status has plummeted to -2.7 despite being mega-busy having to play in a concert at the last minute. I think it’s about time I consider a small subset of what I’ve learnt thus far.

– Hi Sec ganking is not for me.

I took part in my first “Mining Op”, i.e ganking the living daylights out of miners in High Sec using disposable thrashers . This went pretty much as I expected it to; wait for the warp-on, pre-overheat, warp, blap, get concorded, grab a new ship and wait for timers. Personally, I find no joy in griefing and while forum porn can be amusing, I prefer operations that take skill and have a challenging opponent.

– Theon Severasse, Haelur, Darko Fett & Gallastian Khanid are sick nerd ballers of epic proportion.

These guys are the main reason I left the UNI to join Snigg all things considered, and the limited time I’ve spent with them already has been fantastic. Both flying with them and chatting with them in comms has been both refreshing and educational.

– Shoot. Goddamn. EVERYTHING.

I love not being restricted by the E-UNIs Rules of Engagement I understand why they have it and why it is useful, but having nearly no blues and shooting everything that isn’t blue means a lot more fights (and in case any of you haven’t noticed yet, I rather enjoy PvP). I’ve just been grabbing random frigates and trolling around in Faction Warfare, picking fights with anyone there just to see how different ships can be flown and fight. Given my Gallente-based SP I’ve largely been flying Atrons and Fed Navy Comets, though I’m looking toe expand on that too.

I learnt a few things quite quickly flying around in Amarr/Minmatar, the Amamake triange is actually pretty pants. Heretic Nation and Skunkworks just want to blob you even if you’re in a cheap-ass frig. Almost everyone has links. Be careful of roaming Fweddit blobs/gatecamps.

And finally STORYTIME! (Yes, this is me once again polishing my thorax, get used to it).

So I was out happily flying in my Interceptor in the Great WIldlands with a friend in a Cynabal, where I come across an Armageddon caught in a bubble ~140km from a gate. Naturally my first thought as an interceptor pilot following Gallastian Khanids teachings is “tackle it, worry about killing it later”, so I get point whereupon I learn that he has a flight of warrior twos and at least one heavy neut fitted to his ship. With my cap drained I fly back out of neut range and get my speed back up before the warriors get me into armour (barely). At this point, my Cynabal friend lands on grid and takes out two of the five warriors but has to bug out due to incoming LAZORZ and an unhealthy D-Scan.

By this point I have called for reinforcements who were forming up from ~15j out to come kill this guy, while essentially threading the needle of staying in my 28km point range (Interceptor IV), out of the 25km Neut range and keeping away from those blasted warriors, which he has relaunched up to 5.

Fast forward about 15 minutes, largely by luck I’ve maintained point, though he’s now  only 20km from the gate but still agressing me (he hadn’t been burning for the gate from the get go) and reinforcements were 3 jumps out. As luck would have it, a Rapier and Falcon decloak 20km from me, and a Caracal and Phantasm join them shortly after with a rag-tag group of reinforcements.

So yeah, I’m pretty freaking dead, OR SO I THOUGHT! To my jubilation they all start pounding on the Armageddon, so I decide to stick around to watch the light show and hopefully whore on the pod (while maneuvering myself to the opposite side for a quick getaway). The ‘Geddon goes down and my band of helpers immediately turn their attention to the little ‘Ceptor that could, so after taking a volley from the Phantasm to the face I decide it’s finally time to bug out.

Lesson learned: always have XSplit ready to go.

Apoth ♥


2 thoughts on “Filthy Piracy: Preliminary Findings

  1. G. Renard

    I loved flying inties. I have a nightmare kill that basically goes: Nightmare checks to see if he can one-shot an Ares on a gate (he can’t) then tries to see if I can bounce out to a planet and get off grid to a midwarp safe before I can land on him at the planet. (he can’t). Then he tries to see if two tengus can peel me off of him before it’s too late. (they can’t). In the end we bag the nightmare and both ‘gus ’cause ‘gus don’t know when to quit.

    Also: I won a Comet on Blink a while back. I basically stopped paying attention to them back when they were glorified Tristans. Lost what little interest I had in them when the police light got taken away (sulk), but holy shit do I love that boat now that I’ve been able to fly it in anger.

    Now that I’m in WH space and rolling in spacebux I’ll probably give up my Atron/Incursus/Merlin habits entirely. I may even stop flying Taranis…


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