Industrial Placement: Filthy Piracy

In about 50 minutes my roles timer will be up and I will be joining SniggWaffe, AKA “Waffles”. The current plan is to stay with them for a couple of months and grind out as much PvP as possible to actually become a passable pilot, followed by a return to the UNI or moving on to somewhere else. I have little to no interest in graduating to Pandemic Legion (SniggWaffe is their feeder corp), but I have a lot of ex-UNI friends in there who taught me a lot about the game and quite frankly I miss flying with them.

I spent a while choosing between Future Corp (A member of Social Sleeper Club) and Waffles, if I were to join future corp I would be filthy rich and do all kinds of exciting Wormhole PvP, but I feel that Snigg is a better fit as it is PvP all day every day.

The blog will be continuing, though there will probably be some small stylistic differences due to the nature of each organisation. Hopefully I will gain much more technical knowledge and be able to discuss engagements and abstract ideas on a deeper level, though that remains to be seen.

So, time to hang up the chalk and go deep flashy.


Apoth ♥


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