Learning from fleets 102

So, I took out my first kiting fleet, having experienced flying in one for the first time only a few days prior. I was gifted with 60 eager pilots which is wonderful, but pretty hard to find a fight with. Generally my solution top this problem is to shrug and welp us into people with more stuff, something I’m rather good at, and welp us I did.

Pretty straightforward setup, Snuff Box popped into local and told us to “WAIT RIGHT THERE FOR LIKE 10”, so wait we did. They jumped a standard Zealot/Guardian setup which I was quite thankful for, as I was half expecting them to bring their Macharial “F*ck you and everything else on grid” Fleet. Sadly the fits we had were edging on a bit more EHP than covering the EM hole, though that probably played only a minor part.

After they blew us all to smithereens, they rather unnecessarily camped our way out and tried to cut off as many people escaping as possible. I’m not saying they should have let us out, but we politely waited for them to come asplode all of our things so I had rather hoped after the field was littered with IVY wrecks they might allow us to quietly limp home. No such luck. As anyone who has been to Black Rise knows, getting out is a bit problematic, there were two flashy fleets covering the easy ways out which meant the only thing to do was try to out-maneuver people who have been boss pirates since before I knew what EVE was. We got more people out than I expected, but still took heavy losses.

Learning Outcomes:

– A massive amount in general about how to control kiting fleets in contrast to the usual brawling setup, seriously, I sat for about an hour after the fleet in quiet on my sofa just thinking, watching and re-watching the video on my laptop.

– Effective communications in kiting fleets, how to manage aligning out and how to keep the fleet at appropriate distances while still on the move.

– Hopefully all the pilots learnt a whole bunch on this fleet. We had a short dress-rehearsal in Aldrat where everyone tried to kite my mighty thorax, and the improvement for the actual fight was definitely noticeable. Obviously we all have a long way to go but I was very pleased with the progress and am confident that if kiting fleets are taken out regularly we’ll have a core of experienced kiting pilots who can increase the efficiency of the learning process for newer players.

– Scorch is BADASS.

– Whenever I try new stuff and fleet styles like this old mechanics such as clear target calling and remaining composed in general falters. This needs work.

Apoth ♥

EDIT: Since posting this a member of Team Liquid convoed me and gave me a masterclass on kiting fleets and general small gang/solo PvP. You sir are a badass. Thank you!


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