The best screenshot I have ever taken

There isn’t much competition for this title, but here it is anyway:

The story of how I got this screenshot may be even more crazy than the screenshot itself, it was one of those fleets where you have a plan, then the EVE gods laugh at you and throw you into a hurricane of explosions.

Originally, this was to be a cheap Dessie fleet that took control of the Amamake triangle for an hour or two. We had six full squads of cheap as chips Dessies who had been assigned systems to control, with their Squad Commander having full autonomy of what they did unless I decided I wanted them to do something else.

One of the problems with scheduled UNI fleets is that everyone will buy a ship for them, and it’s heartbreaking to say no, leading to the infamous “UNIBLOBS” that everyone sees roaming Low Sec from time to time. This strategy was supposed to split everyone up, make each person more significant to any engagement, as well as giving some leadership experience to our squad commanders.

Regardless, no sooner had we entered Amamake and assigned systems that I got three private coinvos from Fweddit members warning me that they had just been obliterated by our old friends from Shadow Cartel in a shield Battlecruiser gang. Given our numbers and cheapness instead of running away I decided to barrel straight into them.

It went pretty much as expected. Maybe 50 seconds after we engaged Fweddit reshipped into their own cheap Dessies and piled on to add firepower, but to little avail as we had to leave the field shortly after they joined in.

So anyway, most of my fleet are in mighty noobships (not an uncommon situation), I’m trying to get everyone back to hi sec but for whatever reason Ossogur was not an option at the time, so I decide to take us out via Hadozeko. Two Rupture pilots decide to try to cut us off and try to pick off fleeing Unistas, so we blap them.

Naturally, there was a smartbomber on the Resbroko gate, though our local spike manages to make him clear off as had hoped it would. I briefly set us up on that same gate while organising a way to deal with the SFI/Cynabal/Oracle gang on the other side, explaining briefly how to deal with him if he came back and making sure we didn’t present an easy target.

Fortunately for us, the smartbombing Megathron decided that he could not resist all those tasty UNI ships and warped back into us. Given the number we had, what he actually managed to kill and the cost of his ship I’m going to say he had a pretty bad day. I was just on the edge of his range when he landed, and thus happened to be the first to get to loot his tasty wreck, leading to a very tight sphincter and the wonderful screenshot posted above.

For the sake of completeness, I’ll finish the story of the fleet; After killing the Megathron we busted through the gatecamp, killed the Oracle and miraculously didn’t lose any ships while trying to pin down the Stabber and Cynabal, who unfortunately got away.

Each of these engagement were rapid fire one immediately occuring after the other, and the excitement in the fleet was very noticeable from all the wooping in comms & fleet chat which I have to say I shared in completely. That fleet was insanely fun, a constant adrenaline dump all the way from Amamake to Resbroko.

Apoth ♥


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