Polishing my Thorax

The latest post involving Fweddit, and most posts in general I make here have involved me losing ships and/or usually entire fleets in massive welpings. Therefore to avoid ending up like this and to stroke my giant ego we shall be discussing those massively ISK-positive engagements where the outcome was not pre-determined by a raw mismatch of force. Then again, ganks can provide some small entertainment when the people you’re ganking are flying very shiny ships don’t bother with scouts and don’t seem to find the need to pay any attention to local/d-scan/anything at all.

The first fight I want to talk about has already been briefly mentioned in another post, though I promised I would come back to it so here we are!

From the AAR: “After some maneuvering we ended up (prepare dotlan children) on the Akidagi gate in Nein, the pirate fleet warped to us at 50. This would be a BAD engagement for us, so I jumped us through hoping in vain they would follow. They did not. Our eyes were way out, and they tried to get around us by going to Enaluri. They were already jumping in when I got this information from the picket I had posted here, so I told everyone to immediately burn aligned to their ingate so that they’d land on top of us if they warped on us at the same distance again …… They did. They died.”

Yes, the battle report was indeed delicious, as well as lacking a number of their battlecruisers who managed to burn out and neither died or got on any of the few lossmails we sustained. This engagement was hilarious and well received after 90 minutes of bugger all as we traipsed through Placid. Rather hilariously as their pilots who lost their ships went to their home station to reship, they were intercepted by a gang of Ravens who blapped them one system out before they could rejoin the fray.

Most of the time (especially in my case) it’s pure luck that gives you great wins and has very little to do with how good/bad you are as a FC, just requiring the capability to take advantage of a situation.

On my first ever trek into Black Rise a gang of Vagabonds & Cynabals were toying with us in Kedama. After losing a BlackBird & pod to them who lagged a touch too far behind the fleet as we were moving about, the following occurred:

From the AAR: “The opposing fleet was now at Planet 6, so I got us to Planet 6 asteroid belt 1 for a shorter punt. Somehow (and I honestly have no idea what happened here), we landed 100-120km from their fleet. I had the scout land on grid so we could use him as a bounce point to warp onto the Blackbirds wreck as it was sat in the middle of their fleet. Fortunately however this was unnecessary as they decided to warp directly on top of us (I am assuming they had a cloaky or bookmark the opposite side of us and warped to it at range).

Tackle was told to spread points, Cynabal was called primary and we started melting them. They abandoned the field about 30 seconds after I popped with the remains of their fleet intact, but we did dome excellent damage and retained a lot of our ships.”

Two important lessons I learnt from that fleet:

1) ISK does not necessarily correlate with good decision making and 2) Don’t warp kiting ships to zero onto a brawling gang, you’ll die in a expensive and unnecessary ball of fire.

I was going to include my recent “3.1B kills 0 losses over 5 engagements” fleet, but enough is enough. Back to crying myself to sleep at night and overview-smashing utterly-overkill welpings!

What I’m trying to adress here is that I see a lot of FCs, (especially new ones after their first big welp) who focus far too hard on their losses, mistakes and general sub-optimal fleet situations to the point where they lose so much self confidence that they cease taking out fleets altogether. To be healthy and improve in any pursuit you need to regard both wins and losses fairly, take what you can from them and continue to enjoy doing what you enjoy doing.

Apoth ♥


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