Making Friends 102

See “Making friends” as an introduction to this segment.


Despite some of the rudeness I have seen Fweddit throw our way in threads mentioning us on reddit, by and large I have found them to be an awesome group of people to play with and I’ve never been disappointed with our meetings in the vast expense of space. The illustrious Master Zeuth and Pinky Feldman even joined me recently for the monthly “Starting out as an FC” Q&A I run for the UNI which was tremendous fun. Recording.

My first major engagement with them was sadly a pretty massive whelp. I had been asked to take out an Armour BS fleet, and despite a not getting quite the logistics backbone, everyone had formed up so we went out anyway. For the first few minutes the fight was incredibly close, the logistics on both sides were barely holding so each FC turned to taking down each other’s lighter tanked DD to try to even the odds. Sadly just after that point Fweddit’s reinforcements arrived in the form of ~6 tempests and we had to leave the field, sadly losing a lot in the process. AAR for Unis & Alumni.

The second engagement I lead was even worse, to the point I titled it Rook to FacePunch4. I had taken out a small Shield cruiser/battlecruiser gang having not flown shield for a while and ran into a rather nice looking Fweddit armour cruiser fleet. Sadly as we got into what looked to be a good close fight they brought in a Rook, who jammed out all our logistics and we died in a fire. Once again, for Unistas and ex-Unistas, the AAR.

Both of these losses have been beautifully immortalised in a recent video uploaded by Pinky Feldman.

From what I’ve seen and speaking with Feldmen and Zeuth, I very much share and enjoy Fweddits attitude to playing the game. Grab some people, shoot all the things, have a damn good time. I can’t wait to meet them in the field & on comms again (and this time hopefully win an engagement)!

Dead Terrorists

The Dead Terrorists are the UNIs Low Sec Camp neighbours as we are currently set up in Dudreda while they live in Hagilur. They are very fond for camping the Hagilur/Bei gate which can make logistics pretty interesting, and naturally we trade blows with each other from time to time. My first major engagement with them while FCing was when they were camping in the Low Sec Camp and I happened to be taking out a fleet from Aldrat. Knowing that they’d run from the main fleet (despite certainly having the assets to take it, they fly very expensive ships and I don’t blame them for wanting to keep them safe. I sent in a bait squad of cruisers to get them agressed on the Dudreda gate in Hagilur.

Needless to say, they got decimated but bought us the time to get everyone to pile on, resulting in a very tasty Legion kill and a pretty crazy engagement, involving a smartbombing Typhoon taking out a portion of our tackle frigs. However, when the fight was clearly going in our favour they, well, warped off. My AAR was appropriately titled “Taekl Pls“.

A more recent engagement was when they brough a RR Domi gang to Dudreda, presented themselves to us and docked up in our station. We don’t exactly have the most friendly of relationships, so we decided to blap them as we were deserving of some revenge. We undocked a fairly formidable shield BC gang and warped to an ongrid insta and offered them a fight. They undocked and engaged, at which point we undocked 2 osprey, a scorpion and the falcon which had been scouting for us and began vaporising them.

I haven’t used any significant ECM in my fleets for about 2-3 months and the results were startling. I mentioned in the AAR that I felt kinda bad about doing this to them, as I don’t particularly enjoy ECM-blobbing people, I’ve even made it a personal mission to wipe the UNIs reputation for that as much as possible. I was reminded however that they haven’t exactly beed “gud fight” exclusive either, so what the hell.

Apoth ♥


2 thoughts on “Making Friends 102

    1. Apoth Post author

      One appears on the battle report and there were in fact 6. I knew we wouldn’t be able to win the fight after they came in so I called the scatter as soon as I saw them on grid, hence only one managing to make it on the killmails.


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