2 thoughts on “Rescinding a comment

  1. Sugar

    I’ll bite. There are 60 “friendlies” and 8 “enemies”. Bling ships or not that seems rather interesting odds and an interesting fight to use to say that they are not competent.

    1. exeapoth

      Having read the AAR it was a massive blobbing gank and they all went down super fast. Unusually he seems to be quite good natured about his loss in the battleclinic thread, something very rare for this specific corporation.


      In all their communications U-MAD have made it very clear they are all about the ISK efficiency and pickiing off what they can while taking minimal losses, hence the overuse of Oversized afterburners, ganking industrialists who don’t know any better and don’t have any interest in PvP, as well as using cloaky snipers like this Redeemer http://killfeed.eveuniversity.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=54941. This engagement is the first of its kind and goes entirely against all their previously observed behaviour.


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