Making Friends 101

NB: Two of the AARs I wish to link here are yet to be made public on the UNI forums, so I will return and link them in once they are made available

There are some corporations and Alliances I meet quite often on my roams. Among the many groups of pilots I have had the pleasure to engage, there are two that have been providing a lot of entertainment lately, incredibly fun fights and I very much look forward to engaging them again. My knowledge of the standings and relative celebrity statuses of specific groups in EVE is still burgeoning, so these accounts are almost entirely based on (wholly positive) first-hand experience.

BricK sQuAD

I always know that if I take the back route out of Aldrat in The Forge, Brick Squad will be more than happy to blow us up. My first run-in with them was not my finest moment as a FC. I had done a few roams in that direction and had never noticed their presence before. After that experience I looked them up and found out that they hold Sov nearby, meaning any time I want to go play with them I know exactly where to go.

In a later fleet I did manage to get revenge ISK-wise, even if the pilots concerned were semi-AFK. This of course lasted as long as it took for me to run into them again. The AAR for this one has yet to declassify, so I’ll give a brief explanation to how this happened:

It was around 3am after I had taken out my first ever Null Sec fleet, and I was told that I had to FC a roam because some pilots wanted to try out the new Augoror/Maller combo that has come in to fashion  especially as on our way to null we had run into it being flown beautifully as always by a Tusker fleet. More on that in another post. We ended up going into the Forge as there was a group of pirate-y types who I had promised a fight at some point, but of course as soon as you make a plan, something crazy will happen (an excellent reason to always have a plan).

A flashy Arazu had been shaking its rear end at us as we were passing through the area, narrowly escaping the clutches of our interceptor pilots on two occasions. Just as he passed through us for the third time (we weren’t exactly making best speed), a we managed to catch the Naga on a gate. I don’t remember if the Arazu engaged us first of if someone managed to point it, and obvious cyno bait was obvious, but we were in cheap ships and looking for a fight, and a fight is a fight even if you all go home in noobships,

We don’t manage to burn the Arazu before the cyno pops, and lo and behold what landed on us. It was evident we were all going to die in a fire at that point (not uncommon in my Roams), but I primaried an Oracle to see if we couldn’t try to be ISK efficient with the Naga and ‘Razu already under our belts. With the unfortunate pod loss of a pilot who will be attending a podsaver class, that was not to be, but it was still a very pleasurable experience.

Shadow Cartel

Shadow Cartel, in my experience, are a fantastic group of space badasses who never fail to put on a spectacular show, to the point where if I ever have a scout report their presence on one of my fleets I start to giggle with excitement. I also enjoy reading Helicity Bosons blog, which I highly reccomend to all those reading this one (It has a prettier site, is far better written and contains much more interesting engagements from someone with a lot more game knowledge to explain them properly).

My first run-in with them as an FC was part of the most frustrating fleet I have ever taken out. However, when you start claiming Amamake for the UNI in local, you’re bound to receive some form of response (which is exactly why I did it). I do believe that was first ever “Holy balls that’s a lot of expensive things on my overview” moment, for which I am very grateful.

Ignoring the UNIs recent DragonSlayer (which again, you should go back to H.Bs blog to read about), my next major experience with them was one of the times I took a fleet to Black Rise. Now, I am fully aware taking any my fleet to Black Rise is asking to get a caning (not to say I haven’t won fights there), but that’s exactly why I love going there. Once again, the AAR is yet to declassify so I’ll give a run-down of what occurred (which once again, is also covered in H.Bs blog).

Before we met Shadow Cartel, we were actually engaging the Balkans who were running a Hurricane/Guardian fleet. After a standoff on opposite sides of a gate for a while, we managed to maneuver about and get them to jump into us. We started to engage and despite my best efforts were failing to to break their Guardians. A SFI/Loki fleet jumps into us, sees what’s going on, decide they want none of it and warp off. Or at least that’s what I thought at the time, turns out they were running from substantially bigger fish.

30 seconds later, the heroes of our story also jump in bringing a Hulk-Smashing Armour Battleship fleet to play and start exploding everything they can, which as it happens anything they damn well want to. The Balkan fleet respond by dropping, which of course means that the Cartel guys also escalate to the point where our overview looks something like this.


I bravely make the decision to run away, if either of them decided to stop bludgeoning each other we’d be swatted like flies. I mean hey, by now you’re all aware I’ll engage anything that isn’t station tanking, but I do prefer to have some glimmer of hope that we might affect the situation in some way. The big boys had come out to play and we weren’t kitted out to play with them.

Regardless, once again Shadow Cartel makes my day and puts on a fantastic show, as did the Balkans. I am reliably told that despite putting up one hell of a fight, the Balkans were wiped out after we left, and when they tried to ambush the Cartel fleet on their way home they were blapped once again.

EVE is awesome!


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