The War(s)

Disclaimer: As with all my posts, it should be remembered that my experience of the game is limited to the past few months, and anything I say may be entirely wrong from a game knowledge standpoint, not to mention completely biased.

So the UNI has been permadecced since I joined it. The vast majority of these are faildecs where we utterly demolish any of their attempts to bring a fight and generally embarrass them for choosing the UNI as a source of easy kills (See KOSX, Drone Federation and Wings of Fury). There are however, two notable exceptions.

Team Liquid

I have been a StarCraft fan much longer than I have followed EVE, so their corp in itself is one I think if fondly. After exploiting a particular game mechanic, they became obscenely rich, which allowed them to permadec us for months even though they had no real interest in bringing a fight to Aldrat. From what I can gather, the UNI offended them by trying to move into their part of Low Sec causing the original war, and the continued war was to make a point and to allow them to engage us without having to worry about gate guns if we ever happened to run into each other. There are only two member of Team Liquid that I distinctly recall from that war; Liquid’Courage and Ueberlisk.

During my first week or two in the UNI, Liquid Courage could be found in Aldrat in a Thrasher looking for fights. It was a whole bunch of fun and every time he’d lose it he’d just reship to another and we’d all have a good time chasing him. Given the amount of Thrashers we burned through I can only imagine he enjoyed it as much as we did.

There was a period of time when I would commonly take roams out to Molden Heath, due to it’s proximity to HQ and the ease of route planning. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a big circle so you can do one loops, catch what you can and go home again. Ueberlisk was a fantastic War Target, as long as we didn’t bring any ECM he’d be happy to take us on in his nanocane even though the odds were usually 10:1.


U-MAD are far more similar to our previous wars I’ve experienced in the UNI apart from one thing. They’re actually fairly competent pilots, albeit with a penchant for oversized afterburners with offgrid boosts. Over time they have gone from 100MN AB T3 Cruisers camping Aldrat-Hek gates, taking on any FC stupid enough to engage them combined with the usual OOC Logi station games to fleets of 10MN AB dessies, all of course with OOC Loki boosts.

Other tactics have been trying to disrupt our various camps, with mixed success. Each time they go to our Low Sec Campus they generally are kicked right back out again, and for a while they set up shop in a Wormhole we were using, and were very happy with themselves until they found that choosing to live in a wormhole can have its redeeming qualities. Currently they can generally be found camping the Aldrat-Hek-Dodixie pipe in Dramiels, Cynabals, Talos etc picking off stray industrialists and unprepared Incursion runners.

As much as they like to complain about the blob (War Deccing the UNI, what do you expect?), they at least respect its capability and use every tactic that involves not fighting us to fight us. I honestly don’t really know what their goals are, if any, beyond easy kills on our newer members (or those just not paying attention) or if they are actually significantly affecting UNI operations. Most of the things I do with the UNI involve being in a PvP, so for me it just means occasionally less travel time to achieve some explosions and general fleet practice if they don’t decide to activate their station tank as soon as we start paying them any attention.

All in all, Hi Sec Warfare, or at least my experience of it has definitely improved with Retribution, and without any significant changes to War Dec mechanics coming soon it seems like the UNI will retain its permanent war-time status.

Apoth ♥


2 thoughts on “The War(s)

  1. G. Renard

    I do love how cocky U-MAD is about everything, though. Really the thing I will miss the most about E-Uni is fighting the wars. PvP in EVE is terribly dull without a sense of purpose, and the ILN has been, for me, the source of that purpose. I will miss the chase, and the way all the U-BADdies docked the hell up whenever myself and tiny number of our compatriots (as in, more than two) showed up in local…


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